Affirmation: I Am My Own Unique Self-Special, Creative, and Wonderful

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I am my own unique self – special, creative, and wonderful.

No one in the entire universe is like me.

 My Creator made me with a special assignment in mind.

I am special, creative, and wonderful.

When I remember this it helps me strive to reach my full potential.

Of all the people in the world, I am the only one with my specific and exact combination.

I am a unique code. If I am lost, I cannot be retrieved. 

My unique qualities and talents are gifts.  It is up to me to develop them to share with others and better the world around me.

I find my creative abilities increasing each day. I am able to find out-of-the-box solutions to challenges that we face today. Being creative fills me with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

I admit that it can be challenging to be different from others. Even so, I appreciate and embrace my uniqueness.

My value to the world is directly related to my ability to be one of a kind, as I was born to be. 

It seems to me that “fitting in”would only make me average.   Average people rarely do extraordinary things. This is one more reason I celebrate my differences. 

Each day, I become more confident that I am special. I have the strength to let the world see my true self.

I am proud of who I am.

Today, I am willing to embrace my uniqueness and that of others as well.

Each one of us, including me, is special, creative, and wonderful.

I am my own unique self – special, creative, and wonderful.

Talking with Yourself:

1.    What are some of my unique qualities that I may be taking for granted that everyone doesn’t have? 
2.    How can I use my special talents to increase my confidence?

3.    How can make better use of those qualities that make me unique?


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