8 Benefits of Coloring for Survivors of Abuse and Trauma

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8 Benefits of Coloring for Survivors of Abuse and Trauma


KaylinArt / Pixabay

Survivors of trauma & abuse often experience far more than their fair share of stress, anyway. 

But, lately, there has been a lot of trauma and sexual violence in the news and everyday conversation.

If you are like me, the conversation is a welcome change from stone cold silence around issues of abuse.  

Still, for people who have experienced such a heavy helping of trauma & abuse, what’s going on now…..is A Lot!


I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you take care of yourself.

Life is so fragile. Stress and trauma are harmful to your health and well-being.





I wasn’t sure whether or not readers of this blog are interested in the new trend of coloring but I wanted to offer it to you.  I will be awaiting your comments and continuing to pay close attention to stats and rankings.  Perhaps we can do this online as a group somehow?

But back to today………..  I wanted to provide you with a few images to see if you might be interested.


Benefits of Coloring:

1. It’s not difficult for most people to do.  You don’t have to be especially creative or artistic.  Just color.  You can even color outside of the lines.  No one is grading your work.


Kaz / Pixabay

2.  Meditation.  If you are anything like me, it is almost like a punishment to sit still and think about nothing. Nothing?  How long do I have to sit and think about nothing

Coloring designs helps people to relax and enter a meditative state AND still “feel” like you are doing something.  Consider it meditation for …..the rest of us.


3. It helps get the creative juices flowing! Coloring can prep your mind for creative ideas. You know how right before you go to sleep you start coming up with all of these ideas. Or maybe when you are in the shower?  Coloring can put you in that mindset.


4.  Coloring pages and even books, travel well. You can pack them in your luggage, a medium-sized purse, or if necessary….in your hands. They can go where you go.

5.  It can reduce stress.  At least temporarily, but temporarily is better than not at all.  You may have heard that mental stress is detrimental for your health, and that it can lead to physical problems. If you have constant stress, then you can develop high blood pressure or digestive issues.

Instead of reaching for unhealthy options to relieve your stress after a difficult workday, keep an assortment of coloring pages and beautiful crayons ready at home.


KaylinArt / Pixabay

6. It can reduce your levels of anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety, then find adult coloring books may be a great tool for you to try. 
The best crayon colors to reduce anxiety include shades of blue or pale pink. These soothing colors can help you to feel calmer, and you will notice that
your breathing becomes slower while your symptoms of digestive stress decline when
you use an adult coloring book.


7. It can help fight against dementia. When you are worried about developing dementia, use adult coloring books and an assortment of crayons or color pencils to create gorgeous artwork. You can find adult coloring books and pages that will stimulate the synapses in your brain so that you can lessen the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease.


8It can help with depression. If you feel depressed, then coloring therapy can lift your mood. When you are feeling
sad, you can choose brightly colored crayons and coloring pages that have a positive or happy theme. Use crayon colors such as yellow, orange or red to stimulate the emotional center of your brain while you create artwork such as flowers. While coloring,
concentrate on positive thoughts and say positive affirmations to yourself.

KaylinArt / Pixabay

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