Activism & Self Care: Tonya’s Favorite Things On the Web This Week

Okay, so the heat won this week.Most of you are aware that I have a chronic illness. Many of my readers do. Did it hit you hard too? Wo

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Okay, so the heat won this week.

Most of you are aware that I have a chronic illness. 
Many of my readers do. 
Did it hit you hard too? 

 Okay on Friday I like to leave off with uplifting things, and I will.
But, I will leave you with reading material because it is too hot to do much else.

So here are some great articles I found on the web.

This word is interesting to me. People get to declare themselves “intersectional”. Much the same way that they declared themselves “culturally competant” and “allies”.

There is no continuing education. There is no test. There is no certification.  


I have been on both sides of this.  I thought I was “there” too. I have been in professional service as an advocate to people with disabilities. I did a pretty good job. 

However, I did learn that, when I first started, I didn’t know everything that I thought that I knew. 

Mistakes are fine. It is growth. But, how do you respond? That is what counts.

5 Signs Your Idea of ‘Intersectionality’ Is Anti-Black Racism In Disguise 

The Real Reason White People Say ‘All Lives Matter’



What White People Say About About Black Lives Matter (And What You Really Mean)


 Victim vs Survivor

You know how we folks who experienced domestic and/or sexual violence tend to refer to ourselves as “Survivors”? 

Well, this article makes the case for using the term “victim”. I don’t disagree.

I will likely continue to use the term “Survivor”. However, whatever healthy path leads you towards healing, I fully support it. 

5 Reasons Why I Identify As a Rape Victim, Not a Rape Survivor


What People Accusing You of ‘Playing the Victim’ Need to Know About Activism



Self Care

This is crucial!


7 Illustrations That Capture Exactly What It’s Like to Have Anxiety  


Compassionate Activism 


Readers, What do you think?  

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