Accomplished Entertainer Tray Chaney Calls for An End to Domestic Violence

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A very talented artist contacted me via social media.  Tray Chaney, known to many for his outstanding acting roles in television shows like, “The Wire” and “Saints and Sinners“.  It turns out that he is also a talented music artist, specifically a rapper.

From the first time that I listened to this track, I was extremely impressed. I’m excited for how many conversations it could potentially generate around domestic violence, especially with music fans, young people, and communities of color. Within hours of posting the audio clip, a group of highly regarded mutual followers in or around the work of ending violence engaged in a discussion about it.

There were concerns that the song seems to speak more about the abused victim than the abuser. In this case, the abused victim is a woman and the abuser is a man.

Would domestic violence be better served by men speaking to and about men’s predominant role of causing harm, injury, and death?

Millions of dollars are made through the sale of books, movies, talks, workshops, and conferences sold to women about ‘how to get a man. Is this yet another one of those?

Or, could we all gain a great deal when men ‘speak’ about domestic violence. Licensed clinical social worker, Gary Jones, had this to say:  “I have male friends of mine who have long been impacted by this abuse, but feel that either no one will listen or think their manhood would be challenged if they talk about it.”

Clearly, men must play an important role in seeing an end to the global issue of domestic violence, if for no other reason than, they too are directly impacted.  Boys raised in homes where domestic violence is present can feel isolated, neglected, angry, and depressed. Men are close relatives and friends with female and male victims of domestic violence. Boys and men are also being killed at the hands of men and women engaged in domestic violence.


So, it also turns out that Tray Chaney’s track is based on the story of another well-known and multi-talented artist.  Unfortunately, I can’t disclose her identity, but I was definitely elated when I heard because she is someone whose work and story of survival that I greatly admire.

I hope you listen to this song and begin to generate your own thoughts and ideas.

Perhaps you can play the song at trainings, workshops, etc; especially where there are members of marginalized groups that you would like to engage with.



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