About WE/Tonya

Tonya GJ Prince is the Founder/Editor of WESurviveAbuse.com:

I am a Survivor of child rape. 

I am also a Woman of Color.

I am an American Black Woman. 

In any society where it is considered “impolite” to mention the fact that someone raped you, healing can be nearly impossible. 

Add to that, rape is extremely sensitive in the Black culture for a multitude of valid reasons.  Problems like anxiety, depression, anger, and grief are a standard part of Surviving but aren’t often freely spoken of by people of faith.  

Rape, anxiety, depression, anger, and grief aren’t problems that Black women are “supposed” to deal with.  Rape, anxiety, depression, anger, and grief aren’t problems that Black women are allowed to deal with. 


My Mother/Mommy

My Aunt Tina/Lisa

 Today, my family speaks about all of these things.  But, make no mistake, we are a work in progress. 

The road to get here was treacherous, desolate, and continues to expose us to more blame and oppression.

Nevertheless, the lessons and giant faith that you gain along the journey can add healing and wisdom.  

Throughout the globe, in every nation, WE are Survivors of violence, rape, and abuse.  We are every color, race, gender, and ethnicity. 

Even so, for the most part, we are silenced and uncounted.  

WESurviveAbuse.com was started to keep us all from remaining unstoried.  Our testimonies, lessons, and stories ought to be shared with the world. This is THAT platform.

With the support of friends, family, and healers; I also founded,  braidtheladder.org and SurvivorAffirmations.com.


Today, I am filled with gratitude and joy

I journey.  

I serve.

I speak.

I love.

I heal.  

I am gaining joy, clarity, happiness, and peace all around me.

Like Millions of other women, children, and men throughout the world……

I Am a Survivor!




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