A Must Read: Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead

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You may not be aware, but there is a resistance being waged by a certain segment of the Survivor community.

It began the moment that rumors leaked that Bishop Eddie Long was dead.

For those who don’t know, Eddie Long is a controversial, yet well-known minister in the Black Christian Church community.

So, on social media some folks were paying their respects, you know, like you do when someone dies.  

Other people began to send support and prayers across various social media platforms to young men who came forward saying that Eddie Long had been molesting them for years.

This is not what you do when someone dies.

We are supposed to “let them rest”. Keep silent about whatever they did. For if you don’t, folks will unleash lines of scriptures that most of us have heard since we were kids.

These scriptures are designed to remind us that: “we all do bad things”  “we are all sinners”  “forgive”  “move on“.

The same thing that most Survivors are accustomed to hearing.

Unfortunately, some Christians have just learned to ‘churchify‘ the same phrases that shackle Survivors across the globe.

Needless to say, we were not surprised when some church folks immediately began to attempt to admonish us.  “How dare we speak ill of the dead!”

But WE would not be silent.

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We are human beings.
When we hurt, we yell out.

Our pain was for the young men who came forward with heartbreaking tales of demolished childhoods.

To paraphrase one tweeter: Eddie Long is dead, but he will never be dead to his victims.

The Men’s Choir

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Voices rose higher. It wasn’t led by the women this time.

It was led by men.

Specifically, Black men spoke up about their pain.
They shared their heavy burdens of being both invisible victims and blamed victims.  

But God is so Good! Nothing ever goes to waste on His watch.

Out of the pain and the voices arose this beautiful piece. This is classic.

Written by Son of Baldwin on the Medium platform.

Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead


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“They say you shouldn’t say nothin’ about the dead unless it’s good. He’s dead. Good!” – Moms Mabley


(This story contains discussions of child abuse, rape and rape culture. Discretion is advised.)


Bishop Eddie Long is dead.
What remains alive and unsettling is the way we rally around a predator.

The way that we regard death as an excuse to kill truth.
The way we will look away or close our eyes when our children are in danger. Turn our children over, in fact, as an offering, as another kind of tithe to a person who means to use them as food or sex-toy in the name of White Jesus.


The way we blame the child for being “fast” or “grown” or for “letting” it happen to them and being “old enough to know better.” No balm offered, just “Suck it up. It happened to all of us. Next time, you’ll keep your damn legs closed!”


Read Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead Here:  https://goo.gl/nniaYH

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