A Gift for You Because You are Who WE are Grateful For….(FREE download)


This year, my family will not be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday that we were taught about in school. 

Nevertheless, we value many of the traditions that came out of those stories. 

This week we focus on coming together and counting our blessings.  

You are who we are grateful for.

We are grateful for your healing, your insights, your voice, and your survival.

We are grateful for our readers, customers, contributors, and supporters.

Because the voices of Survivors should always be uplifted and supported, we compiled this ebook.






As a demonstration of a just society, the voices of Survivors of sexual and domestic violence should always be uplifted and supportedTonya GJ Prince/founder of WESurviveAbuse.com

 Short chapters include:  

  • Advice on How to Deliver a Successful Public Speech
  • Speak with Confidence
  • Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
  • 10 Tips to Market Your Business with Public Speaking
  • How to Feel Confident In Front of Your Audience
  • Tips for Giving Dynamic Presentations
  • Affirmation on Healing

Whether you are a Survivor, a loved one of a Survivor, or an ally…..we pulled this information together to give you knowledge you can turn into power.


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