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Things to Remember if You’re a Survivor: Self Confidence


Say “No” and Tell Me If

A study commissioned by Lauren Book founder of found that 48% of respondents felt that discussing child sexual abuse could scare or disturb children, and half—50 percent—report that they are unsure of what to tell children to watch out for. realizes that it is extremely difficult to know what to say.

When my son was young, he had the attention span of a young insect who just discovered he had wings.  I’m told many small children are this way.  I quickly learned to give him his information the way I cut up his food, in bite-size pieces.

This document has 10 quick short phrases that you can go over with your child even on the go.  It works for young people and you can have longer discussions for older children.

Think of it as a life-saving cheat sheet.


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Sexual Violence Resource List

A collection of organizations that addresses sexual violence.  This list includes sexual offender registries, organizations that address male victims, people of color, children, and people of faith.

WE also included organizations that respond in a crisis. 



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