9 Places Your Body Stores Stress And What They Reveal About Your Emotions

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Stress draws your energy and makes you feel like the whole world is falling apart and as if you have no will to do anything about it.

Everyday stress can make a mess in your mind, but also in your body in a much more serious way than you think.

People experience various types of emotions, from happiness to sorrow, from extreme joy to depression. Every emotion has a different impact on the body.

Different chemical compounds are released in the body when we experience different things differently. For example, if your brain releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, you will feel good and happy. If your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone, you will feel completely different.

What happens in the body when we constantly think negatively? Or when are we constantly thinking positively? Or when we did not choose either positive or negative thinking? What happens to our body when we are constantly stressed?

These are the 9 places your body stores stress and what they reveal about your emotions

Neck – refusal to look at the situation from different perspectives. Stubbornness and lack of flexibility.

Shoulders – represent the ability to carry our experiences throughout our lives. With your attitude, you have turned your own life into your burden.

Pelvis – is the mainstay of life. Pain in the upper pelvis denotes a lack of emotional support, a feeling that you are not loved, keeping your love. Pain in the middle part of the pelvis means wines, living in the past. Lower pains indicate a lack of financial support and care for money.

Arc – represents changing direction and accepting new experiences.

Joints – represent movement and comfort.

Hips – is a fear of making important decisions.

Knees – is stubborn and strong. Inability to adapt. Fear. Inflexibility and desire for cancellation.

Ankles – inflexibility and a sense of guilt. They also represent the ability to receive pleasures.

The thumb on the feet – a lack of pleasure in experiencing new experiences.

When you experience pain, pressure, or injury to a particular body part, it is often associated with your emotional state. At first glance, it may seem to you that this can not be true because we are often not in contact with ourselves, and our emotions change from second to second. But in most cases it is true.

When you get sick and feel tension and pain, it means that the body is trying to tell you to pay attention to your activities and to find peace with yourself. All this is a process of learning and advancement.

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