8 Strategies Survivors Can Use to Renew Their Focus During Stressful Times

Relieve Stress and Renew Focus on DemandIt is not just me.It is difficult for many of us to focus at times like these.Tragic times.Times of crisis.A

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Relieve Stress and Renew Focus on Demand

It is not just me.
It is difficult for many of us to focus at times like these.
Tragic times.
Times of crisis.
Add a little stress to your life and you can it helps you to focus.
That is actually the purpose of all those jitters we get before we have to make a speech. 

Too much overloads our system.

As Survivors, we have to be cautious. Many of us are in a continuous state of healing. While that is a good thing it is a bit stressful.  So now you start adding on other tragedies and crisis and ……WOW!

That is one reason many of us find it so hard to focus.


Studies have shown there are multiple ways to reduce stress and improve your ability to focus. You don’t even need a lot of time.  It can take minutes to enhance your productivity and sense of well being.

1.      Meditate. 

I know. I get intimidated when people say this word sometimes.  

I have flashbacks to childhood when the teacher made you close your eyes and your head down.  To me, it was just a waste of time. It feels like doing nothing for a long time.   I don’t know about anyone else but that doesn’t relax me at all. 

I have recently learned to think of it in a new way.  Meditation is a special way of paying attention. (Do you know how long it took me to say that without sarcasm?)

·         Use a timer. Otherwise you might just keep watching the clock until it is time to stop. Set a timer for five minutes.

·         Get into a comfortable position. Usually you are supposed to sit or lie down. It is also possible to stand or walk while meditating. The main thing is to make certain that you are comfortable and using proper posture.  
·         Try to stay focused on your breathing for the full five minutes. As random thoughts appear, bring your attention back to your breath.

·         It’s that simple! Meditation is a simple and powerful tool to have in your self-management toolbox.

2.      Flex and relax every muscle in your body. 
If you’re not in an environment conducive to meditation, there’s another option. Start at your feet. Flex and relax each muscle in your body. When you’re done, you should be totally relaxed and ready to reengage with life.

3.      Be mindful. 
There’s nothing mysterious about being mindful. It’s simply paying attention to what you’re doing. Whether you’re driving your car or typing on your computer, keep your mind on the topic at hand. You’ll do a better job and relieve much of your stress.

·         This is preferable to worrying or daydreaming.  
Avoid thinking about the past, present, or the future. 

 Keep your mind your current activity.

4.      Get physical.  

Moving around gets the blood flowing and alters your brain chemistry. Movement enhances your focus. Climb a few flights stairs, stretch, walk in place, or dance. 

Even a few minutes of strenuous activity can relieve stress and enhance your focus. Our bodies love those endorphins.

5.      Laugh!
 Few activities feel better than laughter. Laughter has been shown to reduce stress and fatigue. When you feel better, it’s easier to focus. Watch a funny video or read a few jokes. Call a friend that knows how to make you laugh.

6.    Nap.  

Snoozing for a few minutes can be a great way to reset your brain. Avoid napping for too long or you’ll feel groggy.  

7.      Hugging, and kissing are also effective stress relievers. 
This might not be a viable option in the workplace, but it might be just the ticket at home.

8.       Breathe deeply. 

Just ONE minute of deep breathing can refresh your brain. 
Keep track of your breathing for 60 seconds and enjoy that feeling of calm you get. 

Try to spend a full five seconds each on the inhalation and exhalation. In addition, pause for five seconds breaths. That’s 15 seconds per breath. 

It’s not easy, but nothing worth doing is. But WE already know that don’t WE or WE wouldn’t have made it this far.

Remember, if you’re stressed, your mind is elsewhere. You will be distracted.
Reducing stress is the best way to enhance your ability to focus. 

Take advantage of the many quick techniques to eliminate or minimize stress. You can get back on track quickly and easily. Try each technique and evaluate its effectiveness for you. You’ll be relieved that you did!

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