8 inspiring, young mental health activists you need to know about

If there's one thing 2018 has taught the world, it's that we shouldn't underestimate today's youth.  You've probably heard that they're organizi

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If there’s one thing 2018 has taught the world, it’s that we shouldn’t underestimate today’s youth. 

You’ve probably heard that they’re organizing for gun violence prevention, defending LGBTQ rights, and defining global feminism. What you may know less about is the new generation of activists raising awareness about mental illness and developing innovative solutions to help bridge the gap between needing help and actually getting it.   

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These young advocates are developing apps, founding nonprofit organizations, coordinating fundraising drives, and building campus-wide support networks. They’re taking advantage of the work activists have previously done to decrease the stigma of talking about mental health, and they’re creating their own legacy by fundamentally changing the way young people discuss and seek help for mental illness.  Read more…

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