7 Genuine Ways to Increase Your Power with Hope

7 Genuine Ways to Increase Your Power with Hope

Hope is PowerI know a little something about hopelessness.  I know a lot of something about hopelessness.  There were times in my healing jo

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Hope is Power

I know a little something about hopelessness.  
I know a lot of something about hopelessness.  

There were times in my healing journey where it got so agonizingly painful that I wanted to give up.  
On top of that, when it comes to emotional pain, no one can tell you when it will all be over.  

Everyone says, “It takes as long as it takes.”  You don’t want to hear that but man, they are so right.  

Hope is more powerful than folks realize.  

I didn’t realize that until I realized that there were offended by hope. Get out of here!

All this time, money, and good professional energy going towards just getting me and millions of other folks to have enough hope to want to live, and stay living amongst these raw un-counseled folks?  

You mean there are people living on this planet who are irritated by “hope”?

Well, I’ll be.

Observations of Hope

The opposite of hope is to just exist without eating, moving, grooming, or anything.  

The opposite of hope could even be suicide or suicide attempts.

But the opposite of hope doesn’t even have to be that obvious.

It can just be living while existing in an enervated and debilitated state. (Yeah, this gets on people’s nerves a little.)

Hope is what happens when we base our expectations on something. When we believe that something positive will come through.  
Your hope is like a wish for something to happen.
And there’s power in those wishes!

So, depending on who you are, where you live, who you are kin to; people might come along and help you get some hope if you ever need some.

Be warned, it may depend on whether they can make money off your need for hope.  People pay a lot of money for a hit of hope.  In fact, sometimes people will give just about anything for hope.

Hope is FREE! and Hope is easily ACCESSIBLE!  

Here are  7 Genuine Ways to Increase Your Power with Hope:

1. Hope plants a seed. Whenever you yearn for something, having hope is an implication that it could occur. Hope can germinate into a whole new existence. Your life’s journey can be enhanced simply by having hope.

2. To feel genuinely hopeful, honesty is required.

I’ve taken calls from persons in abusive relationships telling me that my services would no longer be needed.  They were reuniting with their abusive partners.  

I would listen quietly as they told me about how, “it would be different this time”, “lessons were learned” and “poignant, memorable, sincere apologies were more plentifulthis time.”

Advocates listen quietly because we know that like the substance user becoming healthy again, or like anyone learning something new, falls are part of the process.

If we’re being truthful, we’ve ALL experienced times when we were fooling ourselves about something.
That relationship?
Family Situation? or
Work Situation? Career?

That person you backed, put your name on the line and everything- who ended up guilty as sin?

To have genuine hope, we must be honest about what we’ve done to create the challenge.

It is only once you tell yourself the entire truth about a situation that you can proceed ahead and experience hope.

3. Hope produces perseverance.
A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. Jim Watkins  

Hope gives you the fuel you need to keep going to outlast the challenge.   

4. Hope often leads you to the answer.

When you have no idea how you are going to solve a problem, you might start to hope the issue will be solved.  Somehow.

 You place the problem in the back of your mind.
All the while that problem is being figured out.

Before you know it, you’ve hit on something that might help the situation. Hope did that.

Had you given up, you may not have found an answer.

5. Hope cultivates your imagination. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, you always need creativity and imagination to solve problems.  Creativity and imagination are necessities in life.

 I don’t know about you, but, when I am in a hopeful state, I get a lot more creative and imaginative.   

Hope helps you to stretch yourself by considering resolutions you hadn’t considered before.

6. Hope enhances your personal commitment to the issue at hand. When you’ve thought enough about a vexing challenge, you’re likely committed to overcoming that challenge.

This personal commitment sets you up to sharpen your focus. So, hope helps you to find a way to create the result you desire.

7. Hope comes from within you.

The purest form of strength and power in your life emerges solely from within you.

No person can give you hope.  A person can inspire hope within you. A person can spark hope within you.  

However, shared hope is often temporary.  

Lasting hope lies within you.  Genuine hope requires only your own thoughts and desires. Hope is free and available to you at any time you wish to tap into it.

If you have hope, your own hope, you can make people believe.

If you have hope, your own hope, do the unbelievable, the incredible, and the previously impossible.

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