5 Pieces of Advice on Obstacles for Survivors: Playwright Akiva McClam

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Just One Quote: If YOU see something, DO something

I look obstacles in the eyes. This shows that you are willing to
take on any obstacles, no matter what.

Eventually handling obstacles
will be less fearful to face. 

They will come, but you will have no fear. You will have victory. 

Akiva McClam



I am created in God’s image.  I am the son of God. His spirit dwells in me.

Why shall I be afraid?

Genesis 1:27


Stay positive. Even the obstacles have no control over how positive you get to be. 

Akiva McClam


Black Men Ending Violence: Akiva McClam


Climb over it! 

Obstacles are meant to get in your way. 

Do not waste valuable time worrying over the presence of obstacles.

Use your time and energy to accept them and climb over them.  

Akiva McClam


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

New King James Version



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