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Living through oppression is like running a never-ending marathon. 

When your oppression comes in layers, like being Black, woman, and disabled…..that’s like being in a never-ending triathlon.

We are making progress. 

People are curious.

People are asking questions.

People want to help.



Unfortunately, the best source of the answers comes from people who are being oppressed, especially those living under layers of oppression. 

It’s light applause-worthy to seek answers. BUT, it must be done in a way that is respectful to and acknowledges the trauma, pain, and harm people experience.


It is not an easy feat and beyond the normal capabilities of any human being to try to survive in a racist world, educate this racist world, and still suffer from racism in this racist world.

If your racist acts harm people in what you perceive as a “nice way”….it’s STILL harm. The response to your question is in accordance with people tired of being harmed. It’s natural and normal.

What it might not be is nice, because being on the receiving end of constant and consistent harm isn’t nice.



2. It is violent to expect people to respond to harm with kindness, comfort, & offerings of hope for a better future ‘someday’.

No one is required to  greet ignorance with grace except the oppressed.

First, do no harm then we might have a friendly conversation.





A golden rule: *No one* is required to tolerate the harm from your ignorance, especially in 2019 while all this information is still free 99.

No one.

Not a living soul.




Be the type of person that no one has to explain human decency & individual respect to via a long battle & debate.



Don’t make people think: “This is why the civil war lasted so long” b/c you keep asking:


“But why do I hv to treat people like they are people.”

Genteel, smiling, and kind-voiced racism is still racism.


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