24 Reasons Survivors Can’t Help Falling In Love with Journaling

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24 benefits of keeping a daily or weekly journal:



  1. Relieves stress
  2. Inspires creativity
  3. Helps you overcome obstacles
  4. Facilitates productivity
  5. Hones writing skills
  6. Encourage Self Expression
  7. Fosters effective communication
  8. Facilitates decision making
  9. Improves Relationships
  10. Increases Positive thinking
  11. Helps you set & achieve goals
  12. Keeps you self-accountable
  13. Provides sentimental value
  14. Helps with personal & business organization
  15. Keeps you focused & disciplined
  16. Allows you to track & monitor progress
  17. Allows you to track personal progress
  18. Provides a sense of accomplishment
  19. Increases awareness
  20. Increases your inner sense of satisfaction & success
  21. May help you grow in emotional intelligence
  22. Highlights areas where you’ve grown & where you may need to put in more effort
  23. Celebrates “ordinary” moments in your own extraordinary way
  24. Keeps you on point if you work with a coach, counselor, mentor, or trainer.