1st rule of misogyny: Women are responsible for what men do.

2nd rule of misogyny: Women saying no to men is a hate crime.

3rd rule of misogyny: Women speaking for themselves are exclusionary and selfish.

4th rule of misogyny: Women’s opinions are violence against men thus male violence against women is justified.

5th rule of misogyny: Women and Feminism must be useful to men or they are worthless.

6th rule of misogyny: Women who go around being female AT men by menstruating and breastfeeding babies deserve punishment.

7th rule of misogyny: Women should always be grateful to men for everything.

8th rule of misogyny: Men are whatever men say they are and women are whatever men say they are.

9th rule of misogyny: Men always know the “real reasons” for everything women do and say.

10th rule of misogyny: The worst thing about male violence is that it makes men look bad.

11th rule of misogyny: Basic pattern recognition skills are cruel and evil when they hurt men’s feelings.

12th rule of misogyny: Whatever women suffer from, men suffer from more.

13th rule of misogyny: Women are not oppressed! Rape and catcalling and objectification are all compliments, not oppression.

14th rule of misogyny: Women have all the rights they need: The right to remain silent.

Tonya GJ Prince

With over 26 years of service, Tonya GJ Prince is a leading subject matter expert (SME) in domestic violence and sexual violence. She not only helps victims/Survivors heal, prevent, and overcome domestic and sexual violence; she aids them in helping others. Founder of:,, & Sister Sites (free downloads) SHOP

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