11 Weaponized Excuses that Friends of People Accused of Sexual Violence Use

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The Faux Fight Against Child Sex Abuse
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So, it turns out, we can keep going and going and going with these weaponized excuses.

Here are a few more for ya.  I look forward to reading yours.


It’s always been interesting to me how the most fervent supporters of people accused of sexual violence are not who you would think. It’s not family or friends close enough to be family. The most vocal supporters of people accused of sexual violence or inappropriate contact are self-proclaimed “friends” (insert photo together as proof).

More often than not, these reasons or excuses are asserted to bring a slamming halt to critical thinking or transparent investigation of the allegations.

What say you? Have you heard these weaponized excuses before? Which of these have you heard most often?

Please use the arrows on the upper right corner to rank them according to those heard most often.



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