What Now? Revolutionary Secrets Uncovered on Survival, Resistance, and Movement

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What Now? Revolutionary Secrets Uncovered on Survival, Resistance, and Movement

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Empowerment and Inspiration just in time!

WESurviveAbuse.com created a video featuring quotes and links to books that may restore hope and help you build a strategy, organize, and come up with a plan for every letter of the alphabet.

Find resources that bring insight into:

✹How one young Survivor of sexual violence confronted an established hero” and a highly ranked university  

✹How Black women were key to organizing the Montgomery Boycott
✹How well known Civil Rights activists Rosa Parks and Fannie Lou Hamer became powerful activists against sexual violence, including law enforcement.   

✹How young people managed to get an education, deal with taunting, bullying, and threats, and quietly make history.

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✨Be Empowered! ✨Be Inspired! ✨Be Effective!

Note: As you play the video please use pause as needed. I tried y’all, but it is a bit fast.

2. I WELCOME other cultures contacting me with anti-oppression resources that can be included in another presentation to inspire anyone facing an uphill battle.

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Her Tortie rescue cat MiaBelle, is her longtime co-writer.
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