The Forbidden Truth About Intimate Partner Violence & Abuse Revealed by Wyatt O’Brian Evans

I’d like to introduce to some of you a Survivor who makes me smile instantly. 
He is passionate, informed, and somehow finds a way to do this often distressful work with gregarious joy. 

If you are ever low on hope or happiness Wyatt O’Brian Evans always seems to have a bit in his overflow you can grab onto. 

You can read his full bio here.

IPV/AWyatt O’Brian Evans is a journalist with 25 years of experience, including writing about Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) for Huffington Post.  

As long as I’ve known him, my very best friend has always been a masculine, self-assured, confident guy. And boy, can he rumble with the best of them! But years ago he was absolutely paralyzed when Alonzo, his domestic partner, emotionally and mentally terrorized him during the course of their monogamous relationship. This included Alonzo making harassing calls to his job — and then showing up unannounced. And on a sunny Saturday morning one spring, after pursuing my buddy into a crowded Giant Foods, Alonzo punched him dead in the face, leaving him bruised and bloody, utterly embarrassed and totally demoralized.

My very best friend simply couldn’t wrap his head around how this man who claimed to love him so deeply and made intense, passionate love with him could abuse and victimize him in this way. He loved Alonzo madly. No way did he want to leave him. And he was afraid of being abandoned.

His brain was flooding and exploding with a plethora of conflicting emotions, ranging from confusion to outrage to sadness and depression. He began to second-guess himself terribly. He asked himself, “What am I doing wrong to trigger this kind of behavior? I must be pushing his buttons! What can I do to stop?” Next, he said to himself, “But there’s no way I could hurt him like he’s hurting me!” Then he began to seriously question his manhood.

So just what is my very best bud’s name? It’s Wyatt. He was I.

Author Wyatt O’Brian Evans has a new novel out called, Frenzy.

What would you do after the man of your dreams battered you because he believed you’d been unfaithful? Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given every piece of your heart? After wealthy African-American celebrity Wesley (Wes) Laurence Kelly and his Latino bodyguard Antonio (‘Tonio) Miguel Rios fall passionately in love, a shadowy figure throws their monogamous relationship into dire jeopardy! 

This vicious entity manipulates ‘Tonio into believing that his soul mate is being unfaithful. As a result, ‘Tonio physically brutalizes Wes. Then, deeply buried trauma forces Wes to become an alternate personality: “Walker”! The polar opposite of Wes, Walker’s deadly to the very core. So, can Wes and ‘Tonio work their way back to one another? And, can they still vow that “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart?”

 If you or someone you know is experiencing IPV/A, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) or the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project Hotline (1-800-832-1901).  
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