Survivor Affirmations: A Loving Heart Promotes Empathy

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A loving heart promotes empathy

Each day is filled with enough opportunities to recognize that the world is in turmoil. I view each global issue as a chance to promote love by helping others.

I feel that the struggle of those around me is as much mine as it is theirs. When I choose to open myself to share in the difficulty, I feel its magnitude move through me. It is at times like these that I am able to cry and hurt with my fellow humans.

My love for others goes beyond our families or backgrounds.

It is tied to our shared existence as human beings. When I acknowledge our sameness, I see that I am just as subject to difficulties as the next person.

Being empathetic means letting someone know that it is okay to be emotional.

Although the strangers I encounter on the street have different stories than mine, I stand ready to give them brotherly and sisterly love.

I acknowledge that any difficult situation being faced by someone is a situation that I am also subject to.

I avoid taking my luck or blessings for granted and continue to share my support with others.

Today, I live in a love that sees everyone the same and treats everyone with the same kindness. 

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Post Author: Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya is a Social Justice Expert with over 24 years experience as a speaker, group facilitator, crisis intervention counselor, writer, advocate & activist. She holds a BS in Organizational Management & Development.
Her Tortie rescue cat MiaBelle, is her longtime co-writer.
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