Survivor Affirmation: I Exemplify Brotherly Love

I exemplify brotherly love.

Brotherly love means looking out for others as if they are family.

That thought guides my interactions with each person I come across. My actions towards friends and strangers alike exemplify brotherly love.

I embrace opportunities to provide emotional support to those I interact with. When I provide a listening ear, it helps others to lift difficult burdens. They feel cared for.

I like to share words of encouragement with someone in need of uplifting. It allows me to be a vehicle for healing and confidence.

My positive expressions help those around me to feel like they have what it takes to achieve.

I spend a lot of my time with charitable activities. It is great to contribute to making the lives of others more comfortable.

Charity and giving are examples of showing brotherly love.

Philanthropy is an example of showing brotherly love.

Activism is an example of showing brotherly love.

Advocacy is an example of showing brotherly love.

Mentoring is an example of showing brotherly love.

Human services are an example of showing brotherly love.

Volunteering is an example of showing brotherly love. 

Today, my brotherly love manifests itself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I am dedicated to providing the encouragement and support my fellow humans need.

Each day is a chance to show someone how special they are to me.

Talking with Myself:

1.    What else can I do to show brotherly love?
2.    What can I do to mobilize the wider community to support those in need of help?
3.    In what ways does brotherly love manifest itself in the workplace?


Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya is a Social Justice Info Expert with over 23 years experience. She holds a BS in Organizational Management & Development. Her cat MiaBelle is her co-writer.
Tonya GJ Prince

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