Survivor Affirmation: I Am an Advocate On Purpose

Survivor Affirmation: I Am an Advocate On Purpose

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I Am an Advocate On Purpose

Community and environmental causes benefit from support of individuals who are willing to assist.

I am an advocate for specific causes.

I may not be perfect.  

Most certainly, I am flawed, yet improving every day.  

Still, I have a voice.  And, someone needs this voice right now, today, to speak on their behalf.

When I have the chance to have my voice heard, I advocate for people with disabilities persons who are homeless. I push for government support to take them off the street and provide treatment.

Mental health patients benefit from support because they are often ostracized and misunderstood. My focus is to raise awareness about mental health conditions.

I join communities and associations that are vocal against abuse.

Supporting people who experience crises is sometimes emotionally trying.

I fully engage in self-care to address any and all discomfort.  Doing so is essential.  It also makes me more efficient and useful in all areas of my life.  

Being in the midst of unfortunate circumstances gives me a chance to assist others.

By sharing and caring, I feel fulfilled in my role as a human being. It gives me a sense of purpose knowing that my actions ease difficulties and discomfort for others.

I actively look for chances to assist in rehabilitation programs. I am conscious of how challenging it is but I am committed to assisting.

Today, my voice is available to defend and support anyone whose voice is quietened.

I live each day as a servant. It is fulfilling to know that my willingness to assist brings positive outcomes for those around me.

Talking with Myself:

1. What are some of the causes that I am an advocate for?

2. What skills, experiences, knowledge can I use to serve others?

3.  How do I effectively lend my hand to each of those causes?  

4.   How do I measure my effectiveness?  Is my effectiveness measured by who knows me
   Or by the success of the people that I serve?

5. How do I know when it is time to pull away from a particular cause?

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Post Author: Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya is a Social Justice Expert with over 24 years experience as a speaker, group facilitator, crisis intervention counselor, writer, advocate & activist. She holds a BS in Organizational Management & Development.
Her Tortie rescue cat MiaBelle, is her longtime co-writer.
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