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Sex Offender Registry
In July 1994 the world lost 7-year-old Megan Nicole Kanka.  She was sexually assaulted and killed by her neighbor who was a previously convicted sex offender.  Neighbors didn’t know, and Megan’s parents didn’t know. 
You must go to this website.  You can sign up for email alerts about the presence of registered sex offenders. 
Check this site often to search for known sex offenders living in your area.  But don’t just search your house. 
Remember:  Search grandma & pop’s house, Aunties’house, Nana’s house, your best friend’s house, the babysitter’s house, the school, house of faith, where they go for extracurricular activities-yeah, every-where.
Boys & Men
This site goes far beyond providing the latest statistics, trends, and information.  They provide us with what we must know in order to protect and heal men and boys. 
1 in 6
I had the opportunity to volunteer with this organization for a brief period of time.  Their focus is on the 1 in 6 male victims that are violated and traumatized by way of sexual violence.
Where they keep the valuables
HUGE library that is available to the public.  I have followed this site daily for many years.  The information is diverse, up to the minute, accurate, and a compilation of many voices. 
 I don’t know Ginger personally, but I know who she stands for, children.  Ginger seems to have an endless toolbox of resources, strategies, and tips to keep kids safe.  I recommend that you follow her-everywhere!
Awesome website with an emphasis on the faith community.
Stop Educator Abuse Misconduct & Exploitation
 I think that if enrolled in any school, anywhere, you should absolutely visit this site. In fact, if they will ever be taught anything by anyone other than you, visit this site.
And if you’re really serious…
This organization specializes in prevention. They aim to create safer communities and stop abuse and sexual violence before a child is harmed. Therefore, they give great tools to do it with.
This organization breaks the silence around child sexual abuse.  They connect the dots between child sexual abuse, and family/community violence.
Laurens Kids
Lauren is also a Survivor.  You can find a summary of her story on her site here.  Lauren is all about education as prevention. YES!   

Active Healing

This site continues to lead us out of darkness by providing us with knowledge.  I love this site.  I remember when this site first started.  And even though it has grown over the years, it always feels like it speaks for the victims.
Rape, Abuse, & Incest, National Network
I volunteered for this organization’s online crisis hotline.  Therefore, I can tell you first hand that they are passionate, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable about victim & Survivor response.  One wonderful thing is that they can help people to connect to resources in their local area
SNAP Network
Most people know this organization as one that supports people who have been sexually violated by priests.  Actually, it seems that they support persons who have been violated by clergy in general.  They are great for providing resources, healing support, and even breaking news.
National Association of Adult Child Abuse Survivors
I just found out about this site, but I must say I like what I see. It offers so much.  It offers healing, connection, information, and I could just go on.
This organization started as a blog by Survivor David Pittman.  The response was so overwhelming, David’s heart is so large, that he decided to answer the call and form an organization. 
Pandora’s Project is a great comprehensive compilation of resources and information of child abuse prevention and child protection. It also includes a great forum that I like to link into from time to time.
And last but y’all know, last but never least…..

We Survive Abuse

WESurviveAbuse.com is a blog/information hub founded by mom, Tonya GJ Prince.  She is a Survivor of child sexual violence.  Tonya managed to stop the cycle of sexual violence from reaching her own child with the help and support of her village of family, friends, and fellow advocates & experts.  She continues to share tips for healing, activism, and violence prevention.  
WE challenge the silence.
WE are more powerful than evil.
WE are stronger together. 
WE Survive Abuse!
(WE strive to serve Survivors.  If you know of additional resources that serve in an inclusive and culturally competent way, feel free to connect with us.)
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