Part 2 Good Talk: 7 Ways Counseling Helps Survivors of Abuse to Heal

Purpose of Counseling in Abuse
1. Understand and obtain validation that the abuse was a violation.
     2.  Confront and acknowledge the pain and hurt of the abuse.
3.  Increase awareness of your worth, personal value, and confidence, which may have been eroded by the sexual violence.
4.  Overcome feelings of guilt and/or shame.
5.  Recognize how sexual violence is impacting current relationships and make changes.
6.  Deal with issues of trust, deceit, manipulation, and abandonment. 
7.  Learn effective ways to build a support system.

Personal Justification
Counseling is for ME!
It is my tune up. It is my maintenance work. 
Yes, I still (peer) counsel others who reach out to me. 
AND, yes, I go to counseling as needed.  
I take my car in for maintenance. I drive it. I drive others around when they are in need.  However, in order to make sure that we both arrive and return safely, I must keep our vehicles maintained.

In Session

Bring a notebook to each session that contains notes about what you want to discuss.
When your professional therapist/counselor asks you what you want to discuss, start with the most pressing matters. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of time just when you were getting to the good part.
Don’t forget to keep notes about new concepts, ideas, and strategies that you want to keep in mind.
**Remember to secure your notebook or journal at all times.It will likely contain very sensitive information that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands.
Wrap Up
Don’t let that couch fool you. Counseling is work! It is grueling and challenging.  
Seeing yourself objectively, seeing your life, your family, your choices and your friends can be like when someone turns on a bright light that you weren’t ready for.
Change, transformation, and hope-all that stuff is only for the most courageous. 
BUT it is rewarding and the gift that keeps on giving.
Even if you miss your turn, the road that leads to healing is always worth taking.   
Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya is a Social Justice Info Expert with over 23 years experience. She holds a BS in Organizational Management & Development. Her cat MiaBelle is her co-writer.
Tonya GJ Prince
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