How Survivors Knew About Bill Cosby before the Rest of the World

You can imagine that being my child means that you hear a whole lot of quotes, stories, lessons and such. 

On repeat. 

So you better believe that when I make an error my son takes the opportunity to call it out.
Like that  when someone cut me off in traffic and I let my usual semi-curse word float out of my mouth. 

Except this time….. I forgot that there was a toddler in the backseat just learning to talk. 

Yep. The ponytailed toddler immediately repeated what I said then looked around at everyone in the car with a look of pride.
As if to say, “Look I said it. I pronounced it perfectly and everything. I did a good job.”

I guess I didn’t feel bad enough. 
My then 18-year-old son looked at my shamed face and asked, “So, what did we learn?” as if he was speaking to a toddler.

Our connection allows this. We are comfortable with one another.

Where Are We
As a society, we are in a new space in our journey of understanding sexual violence. 
It is not comfortable.
 It is not meant to be.

The general population is not comfortable taking tips, lessons, knowledge, and wisdom from victims and Survivors.

The general population views the millions of us around the globe as broken, addicted, whoring, perpetrators, and/or crazy, people that will die an early death of something sooner or later.

Oh, however,we do have a fighting chance if we forgive,  keep quiet, act like nothing ever happened and move on with our lives.

Die on the inside instead of the outside. (retweet)

Y’all Are Not Ready
Society was not ready for victims Survivors to be teachers.  And still hasn’t packed a “Go Bag”.
You are not ready for us to say, “WE know the con. Would you like us to teach it to you?”
You are not ready for us to say, WE know the con artists when WE see them. Would you like for us to tell you who they are?”

No, since society views us as broken, addicted, whoring, perpetrators, and/or crazy, people that will die an early death of something sooner or later; they figured that they couldn’t possibly learn anything from us. 

Acts of sexual violence involve grooming, manipulation and deception.  

Having been victims, having seen how rapists work our families, friends, the media, every system and society; WE learned how rapists rape and get away with it. 

It was all there.  WE accepted the truth.

That is how WE knew about Bill Cosby. 

People told you for years and you refused to listen.  Why?

Survivors are not who you think WE are. 

Even when WE are at our weakest points WE are stronger than most everyday folks because this is what WE have to deal with.

Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya GJ Prince

Tonya is a Social Justice Info Expert with over 23 years experience. She holds a BS in Organizational Management & Development. Her cat MiaBelle is her co-writer.
Tonya GJ Prince

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