Change Begins with WE! Keeping the WE in WE Survive Abuse

Change Begins with WE! Keeping the WE in WE Survive Abuse

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Change must begin with WE

Statistics are very important to social justice work.  

BUT, stories are the real tools of change.

With stories, one lone voice can change a person’s entire life.

Most of my readers know that  Survivor Marilyn Van Debur Atler is one of the first persons to inspire me to speak about the unspeakable.

See post:  What a Difference a Voice Makes

Every Survivor is unique

So, if you have a story, lesson, insight, to share let me know. Contact

Below are some questions to generate some ideas.  

These are our FAQs.  Still, don’t feel that you must stick to these alone.
Please go to our Contact Page to share any lessons, stories, wisdom, or insights you might want to share.

Thank YOU!



First Question: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Did an experience with domestic violence complicate your healing or help-seeking?  
Were you a child who witnessed domestic violence in the home?   

Were you a victim of domestic violence?



What healing methods did you find effective?  

What healing methods did you find ineffective?

Can you offer any advice about seeking help?


Please tell us about your positive/negative or evolving experience with:

  • Family
  • Counselors, Therapists,
  • Psychiatrists, Coaches
  • Faith community
  • Friends     
  •  Advocates
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Personnel
  • Relationship partners
  • Employers, employees, places of employment
  • Insurance companies
  • Others……
Did they aid or stand in the way of your healing?  How can we make things better?


What did they do that made all the difference in the world?


Is there someone you encountered on your healing journey who you would like to recognize?  


Please tell us about any books, films, other media that you would recommend for Survivors, parents, friends, family etc….


What has been the biggest obstacle to your healing?



What are your thoughts on ………..






PTSD/Complex PTSD?

Substance abuse?

Mental illness?







Share and help us to build on our healing tools.

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Tonya is a Social Justice Expert with over 24 years experience as a speaker, group facilitator, crisis intervention counselor, writer, advocate & activist. She holds a BS in Organizational Management & Development.
Her Tortie rescue cat MiaBelle, is her longtime co-writer.
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