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Financial Cost of Abuse The Cost of Child Sexual Abuse:  As expensive as child sexual abuse is for the Catholic church, it’s more expensive for taxpayers  Child Abuse and Neglect Cost the U.S. $124 Billion dollars.

Trafficking Child Sex Trade in America

Celebrity/Fame  Bill Cosby and His Enablers

Survivor Issues

Survivors are not going to always agree on how we deal with our issues.  One issue of contention has always been the usage of the “trigger warning”.

I have mixed feelings about TWs.  I certainly advocate ALWAYS using them prior to giving a public speech or training because you never know who is in the audience.  

In fact, I have had to make adjustments to my policy.  Once when I was giving a talk to a group of parents a mom happened to come in late. She wasn’t aware that that week I would be there to discuss child sexual abuse safety.  

All of a sudden, she appears extremely upset and leaves the room.  I knew that she was triggered. I felt awful.  

I wasn’t the organizer. I wasn’t invited to this meeting of moms.  But, sexual violence is a highly sensitive topic. As a speaker, I do feel a moral responsibility for both the content that I deliver and the being sensitive to the needs of audience members. 

After a brief pause, I continued on with the speech.

Later, she joined us.  I took a short break to check in with Mom.  She said that she was fine.  We talked for a bit afterwards.  Yes, she was a Survivor.  

She said that she was glad that I was sharing. 

Still, I would have rather that she had the opportunity to choose her battle prior to being in the audience. 

I decided that in the future,  I would have to have some way to provide every person in the audience; latecomers, caterers, janitors etc., with a trigger warning. 

That said, I do think that overuse sends the message that we as Survivors are incapable of using learned coping skills. But then, who decides what overuse is? 

Anyway, this fellow blogger does an amazing job taking on this topic in this post —->>>  When Tania  Trigger Warnings: A Help or a Hinderance

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