Domestic Violence In The Workplace – Dr. Angelia Riggsbee – What can employers do to help better serve victims of domestic violence. Dr. Angelia Riggsbee provides her answer during …

Ep 009: Sex and Drugs to Grace and Mercy

Struggling with anger, sex, alcohol, and drugs, surviving in the normalized dysfunction of the ghetto, Bridgett was herself lost and unhappy. She was in her …

Social Work Rock the Vote

Social Work Helper, the National Association of Social Workers, and the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare has teamed-up with Rock the …

Early Signs Of Domestic Violence – Dr. Angelia Riggsbee – What are the early warning signs of domestic violence. Dr. Angelia Riggsbee describes the signs and provide solutions from …

Domestic Abuse – He used pregnancy to try and trap me

In this video, I share how my batterer confessed that he got me pregnant on purpose. His plan was to trap me and make it difficult to leave him. As a religious and …

Survivor Affirmations: Just As I Am

Video affirmations to motivate and inspire the audience to bravely take on fear, rejection, and challenges with courage. Courage is also defined in this video.

Overcoming Molestation & Depression-Amanda Ferguson’s Story


The truth about sexual abuse in the Black community


Debra’s Story (60 seconds)


~ I am a survivor.

I presented a video each day during the October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, to help bring awareness to the cause. I am a survivor thanks to the many …

Youth Activists on Using ICT and Social Media to End Violence against Women

Youth activists speak with Say NO on the power of the internet, emerging technologies and social media to end violence against women. (Producer: Say NO …

Samentha’s Story (60 seconds)


Love Poems Turned Into Terroristic Threats

How did love poems and sweet sentiments turn into harsh words and terroristic threats? In this video, I describe the shift and the realization I wasn’t his first victim …

The R Spot Recap – Season 3 Finale – Episode 15


Episode 18: How To Thrive After CSA

Child Sexual Assault (CSA) is both rampant in our communities and destructive on our families. Because of shame and stigma most victims choose to suppress …

Episode 20: How Clutter & Stress Affect Your Cash

Are you a pack rat or a hoarder? Updated research says there are seven self-storage locations for every one Starbucks location. Yet we continue to purchase …

*BONUS EPISODE * The Relationship Autopsy – The R Spot


Getting Called Out: How to Apologize


March for Black Women_Communities Depend on Us

The March for Black Women of September 30, 2017 is a march by Black women in all their diversity who will converge with and unapologetically march at the …

I was raped and blamed myself. I’m not ashamed any more – Sheeva Weil | Comment is Free

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