Are Children Capable of Attracting Rape?

Trigger Warning  So….I happened to watching a show that I enjoy immensely. It was “Greenleaf” on OWN. I love that show!  Actually, I was tweet watching it. You know, where you are watching it on television while enjoying the comments on Twitter. Anyway, there was a scene between a teenage girl and a leader of […]

24 More Phrases People Use to Try to Silence Survivors of Sexual Violence

Peace, Be Still Chile  I now know why my Granny, Grandma Monroe, Aunt, and Mama encouraged me to get quiet when a storm rolled in.   We had to turn off all electricity, even if we were doing homework. We had to get still. I hated it. Until I didn’t.   At some point I came to […]

36 Quotes by Black Activists to Get Us Through the Night

This week has been horrific! Some communities have come together, while others have retreated to what they consider their own corners.  Surely it will take more than quotes to get us through.  But, perhaps a word from people who have been through the wilderness before may help. Earlier today, I posted  36 quotes from Black […]

Who Else Is a Reliable Source of Guilt and Shame In Survivors of Rape?

People who pressure Survivors to tell a single story. via GIPHYEx:  Black Survivors are not allowed to tell how slavery impacted our black families. Even though this is a core reason why generation after generation, in some family units, you can talk about any other social ill.  However, you may never speak about rape.The damage still […]

6 Ways Feminists Like Lena Dunham May Be Impeding Progress in the Fight Against Rape & Child Sexual Abuse

1. Distractions I have my own sentiments about “triggers”. As a black woman, no one puts bumper guards around the world for me.  So, I just am not accustomed to expecting them to be there because I endured multiple rapes for a significant portion of my childhood.  However, when it comes to trauma, I do […]

Survivor Affirmation: Chaos Encourages Me to Practice Centering Behaviors

Chaos encourages me to practice centering behaviors. Each chaotic situation I encounter gives me a chance to develop new skills, new lessons, and new insights.Instead of reacting negatively to the noise around me, I step into the shadows, close my eyes, and bring peace to my inner world. Meditation keeps me grounded throughout even the […]

5 Effective Tips to Help Safe Father Figures Protect Loved Ones from Child Sexual Abuse

Safe father figures can be very effective at helping to prevent the spread the epidemic of child sexual abuse. Here are just five effective tips to help them get started today. Be aware that children can be victims of manipulation tactics.  One common tactic used by child sexual abusers involves pushing away the safe father […]

How Survivors Find Their Voices and Help Others: Shanika Sealy

Survivors of oppression and/or violence are the most inspiring people I that I have encountered in life!Creating ways to survive and finding their own voices when everyone around them; friends, foe, and allies, want them to keep silent.I was honored to interview Survivor Shanika Sealy. She found her voice in spite of the pressure to […]

Survivor Affirmation: I Exemplify Brotherly Love

I exemplify brotherly love. Brotherly love means looking out for others as if they are family. That thought guides my interactions with each person I come across. My actions towards friends and strangers alike exemplify brotherly love. I embrace opportunities to provide emotional support to those I interact with. When I provide a listening ear, […]

He Went That Way: The Dirty Truth about Celebrities & Famous People Who Habitually Moralize Off the Backs of the Oppressed

Child’s PlaybookAs a kid, I saw two children playing. A girl, Terry* and her younger brother Damon*. Damon was always getting in trouble for bothering Terry.  Of course, he always said it was Terry. Look, Damon was like Dennis the Menace. It was hard for me to believe anything that he said.  Until I saw what I […]

Songs Survivors Play to Survive Disaster

I Tried One day years ago I was trying to make it through a challenge.   In order to get through it I came up with a solution. I was going to flood my mind with positive words.  I chose to listen to my pastor’s sermons every time that I was in the car, which happened […]

How to Get Your Children Summer Ready to Avoid Sex Offenders

Summer Vacation Can Be Dangerous  Is it summer again already?This time of year concerns me.I can tell you from personal experience that predators who prey on children love this time of year.  Everyone is looking for new arrangements for children who used to be in school all day. Single moms, grandparents, athletic groups, camps, faith group […]

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