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Safety Resources   (Printable Download of these resources at the bottom of the page) Sex Offender Registry     Parents for Megans Law and the Crime Victims Center www.parentsformeganslaw.org In July 1994 the world lost 7-year-old Megan Nicole Kanka.  She was sexually assaulted and killed by her neighbor who was a previously convicted sex offender.  […]

Anti-Survivors: You will deal, We will Heal (Part 1)

Whew! I am HOT! Do you hear me? Incensed! Even though Mama warned me that there would be days like this:                   When #MeToo took off I felt uplifted about the epidemic of sexual violence.  Inspired. Motivated. Hopeful. A great swell of healing was entering the atmosphere. […]

The Truth About Suicide that No One is Telling You

On suicide awareness days it isn’t always the person suffering that we need to address. Not everyone is compassionate.   Not everyone is compassionate every day. I tell this story because not everyone survives to tell their story.  They are gone now and you don’t know that they reached out for help.  Only, “help” failed them […]

How the Hopeless Find Hope Again

My Granny had a saying, “You have got to reach up and git yo self, now.”  She always said it with such a stern voice.  I think because of that I missed the love that was within her message.  She would say this to you if you were outwardly distressed, angry, anxious, or having some […]

Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, and Victim-Blaming: The Real Deal

Trigger Warning What the heck is victim blaming anyway?  So victim blaming is a term you hear from time to time.To be clear, when you say that you are doing it we mean that you are doing a bad thing. Yes we do.It means that you are unfairly ridiculing, shaming, name calling, harassing, and/or bullying, […]

Safe Space is Beyond the Comfort Zone

Safe Space is Beyond the Comfort Zone

  Folks, I just created another information product.  It really doesn’t come easy. What I mean by that is I love to pass on information and knowledge.   But sometimes creating information products makes me think of those late night sales pitchy things.   Still, I do think that Survivors and allies need specialized products […]

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 2

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 2

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 1     7.  Every choice that you ever made (sexually) is scrutinized.  They have questions. Everybody.   Q: How many intimate partners have you had?   Q: How quickly do you usually decide to sleep with them?  Q: Do […]

The Eye of the Child Sexual Abuse Survivor: A Black Man Takes the Mic

The Eye of the Child Sexual Abuse Survivor: A Black Man Takes the Mic

It is my honor to highlight the words of author Tremayne Moore as he courageously shares his story and offers advice for healing: Hi. My name is Tremayne Moore and yes, I’m a sexual abuse survivor. Most children are raped/abused by someone that they or their family/friends know well.  My uncle came to live with us […]

World Wide Roundup of This Week's Best Online Content Related to Rape & Abuse

World Wide Roundup of This Week’s Best Online Content Related to Rape & Abuse

Come under the Light The Sex Abuse to Prison Pipeline: How Girls of Color are Unjustly Arrested and Incarcerated Why Aren’t More Crisis Hotlines Offering Chat-Based Help? New Tool Will Soon Be Available Aimed At Helping Parents of Sexually Abused Kids Empathy is Actually a Choice Health and Wellness 10 Ways to Take Care of Ourselves […]

Letter from an Angry Survivor of Sexual Violence about this Bill Cosby Tragedy

Tonight I am angry.  That isn’t my default setting though.  Usually, I smile so much that I have to consciously tell myself not to do it.  That ain’t happening today. For the past 2 years or so I have heard you loud and clear. You didn’t believe all those women when they said that they […]

The Right to Die of Suicide from Mental Suffering

Yesterday there was a discussion on a social media page that I follow.  Suicide. That’s what we were discussing. There was this one guy who was leaning in on the point  that suicide is an option for some.  He seemed to assert that for some the pain is so great that is a valid option. […]

How What We Don’t Know About Suicide is Killing People

According to the CDC:   In 2013 (the most recent year for which full data are available), 41,149 suicides were reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. In that year, someone in the country died by suicide every 12.9 minutes.I read an article online about a young accomplished woman who died of […]

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