Anti-Survivors: You will deal, WE Will Heal (Part 2)

Part 1:  Anti-Survivors:  You will deal, WE Will Heal (Part 1) Part 2 Opening Up In a nutshell, counselors advised me that the secrets that I was keeping were literally clogging my throat. Even though I spoke out at 13, I had only revealed pieces of my experience.  This is common with Survivors.  Initially, we […]

Anti-Survivors: You will deal, We will Heal (Part 1)

Whew! I am HOT! Do you hear me? Incensed! Even though Mama warned me that there would be days like this:                   When #MeToo took off I felt uplifted about the epidemic of sexual violence.  Inspired. Motivated. Hopeful. A great swell of healing was entering the atmosphere. […]

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