Discover 8 Valuable Online Resources for Survivors and Allies

So, WE do Survive abuse.  I can’t even describe in words how challenging it is.  I do know that most of us don’t do this alone. There is no way that you get through this type of hell, with all of its hurdles, obstacles, and twists and turns, all by yourself.  You will always need […]

How Survivors Can Create a Support System That Works for Them

As Survivors, many of us are not used to asking for what we need.   Survivors of abuse in childhood were not able to do this.  Just didn’t have the luxury of asking for what we needed.Even abuse in later years a victim may feel isolated. It seems that you must make it through on […]

How to Start Talking to Young Children about Sexual Abuse

  My whole world shifted. As always, it was the fault of the mother. Yes, it was.  I have worked with victims/survivors of sexual violence for well over two decades. Recently my central focuses are child sexual abuse prevention & healthy response.  Actually, it was my mother who encouraged me to go in this direction. […]

An Open Secret for Ending the Cycle of Abusive Relationships and Finding the Healthy One

So yesterday I posted about ending the cycle of abusive relationships in a person’s personal life and finding the healthy one.   Well later in the day, I read this post from author Olevia Henderson.  Oh, it blessed my soul. It was also the perfect compliment to the post from yesterday.  She came in through […]

High Five from WE Survive: Neil Brick & Nancy Kilgore MS Making a Difference

Now last week WE posted the affirmation:  Survivor Affirmation: I Can Make a Difference! Well, WE like to show that Survivors do make a difference. WE make a difference every single day in countless ways. In this post, WE highlight two Survivors who are making a tremendous difference to help other victims/Survivors. Meet: Neil Brick […]

10 Excellent Memoirs about the Sexual Violence Survivor’s Journey

Glad to see that we are in a season of listening to the powerful voices of Survivors.  Excellent!  What is most unfortunate is that there are so many out there.  This week I gathered up a cross section of a few memoirs that I have read about the healing journey.  Each one is truly authentic. […]

UPDATE: How Good Parents Miss Child Sexual Abuse and 5 Questions to Change That

Update:  I published this during the summer months (2015). It spread across quite a few websites and I got a great deal of positive feedback. However, some parents & caretakers commented indirectly that certain portions of the post were unclear.   I couldn’t let that stand.   The purpose of the post was to inform. […]

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 1

The Truth About Rape & Distraction That No One is Talking About: Part 2

The Truth About Rape & Distraction That No One is Talking About: Part 1 So to continue, when we talk about rape the conversation always turns to ……how distracting and problematic it is for the rapist.   A large swath of our population takes to social media, and any available microphone to go on and […]

Activism & Self Care: Tonya’s Favorite Things On the Web This Week

Okay, so the heat won this week.Most of you are aware that I have a chronic illness. Many of my readers do. Did it hit you hard too? Wow! Okay on Friday I like to leave off with uplifting things, and I will.But, I will leave you with reading material because it is too hot to do much else.So […]

How Survivors Find Their Voices and Help Others: Shanika Sealy

Survivors of oppression and/or violence are the most inspiring people I that I have encountered in life!Creating ways to survive and finding their own voices when everyone around them; friends, foe, and allies, want them to keep silent.I was honored to interview Survivor Shanika Sealy. She found her voice in spite of the pressure to […]

Songs Survivors Play to Survive Disaster

I Tried One day years ago I was trying to make it through a challenge.   In order to get through it I came up with a solution. I was going to flood my mind with positive words.  I chose to listen to my pastor’s sermons every time that I was in the car, which happened […]

How to Get Your Children Summer Ready to Avoid Sex Offenders

Summer Vacation Can Be Dangerous  Is it summer again already?This time of year concerns me.I can tell you from personal experience that predators who prey on children love this time of year.  Everyone is looking for new arrangements for children who used to be in school all day. Single moms, grandparents, athletic groups, camps, faith group […]

Affirmation: Silence the voice of self-criticism

I silence the voice of self-criticism. I don’t even hear self-criticism speak when it tries to get my attention. It doesn’t have anything good to say. All it does is paralyze me on the road to self-improvement. I will not allow self criticism to stop progress again. I stop critical thoughts from taking up valuable […]

We Gotta Ask Pregnant Moms Who Are Survivors Better Questions

When  a close relative, Morgan*,  announced her pregnancy our family was ecstatic!  I had to hear hear every detail. By this time my own pregnancy was like 15 years ago and I I was too young, sick, and terrified to appreciate the whole miracle.  Yes, I was reliving my pregnancy through her.  She didn’t mind.  […]

How to Get the Truth Around Obstacles of Myths, Lies, & Distraction: Infographics

Let Me Tell It I once worked as the sexual assault Outreach Advocate for the state of Virginia.  Here is what I learned.  What one thing that I learned is that no human being can tell everyone’s story. It is just impossible. It is why I like to build platforms to give others an opportunity to […]

WE Survive Abuse

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