The Forbidden Truth About Intimate Partner Violence & Abuse Revealed by Wyatt O’Brian Evans

I’d like to introduce to some of you a Survivor who makes me smile instantly.  He is passionate, informed, and somehow finds a way to do this often distressful work with gregarious joy.  If you are ever low on hope or happiness Wyatt O’Brian Evans always seems to have a bit in his overflow you […]

Special Online Resources for Parents/Caretakers

Safety Resources   (Printable Download of these resources at the bottom of the page) Sex Offender Registry     Parents for Megans Law and the Crime Victims Center In July 1994 the world lost 7-year-old Megan Nicole Kanka.  She was sexually assaulted and killed by her neighbor who was a previously convicted sex offender.  […]

Friends Don’t Leave Friends at Parties: The Safety Plan


The Ultimate List of Social Media Hashtags for Survivors

In my early days of healing, helping professionals would often recommend connecting with other Survivors.  I would do whatever they asked; journaling, talking, crying, confronting, challenging, drawing, making crafts-whatever.  But I would NOT connect with other people who experienced abuse. Since I was a tiny child victim, I dealt with the physical and mental pain […]

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