The One Question Every Parent of a Girl Must Ask Themselves

Memory Lane (2000’s) “No!” “Nobody kisses me!  Except my mother, my Grammy, my Aunt Kisha, my LaLa, my Nanny, my Dada, my Gma,” (and the list went on) I knew the list cold.  It was a list we agreed on together.  See, I am his mother. And, that little four-year-old who was being indignant and […]

Watching Racism and Rape Work: The Scripted Entertainment Industry

  Watching  If you deny people a voice, their own voice, there’s no way you will every know who they were, and so they are erased. ~Alice Walker Activist Deray Mckesson has a saying, “Watch whiteness work.” Think of it as an alert, like “Breaking News”.     It has a lot of meaning in […]

The Forbidden Truth About Intimate Partner Violence & Abuse Revealed by Wyatt O’Brian Evans

I’d like to introduce to some of you a Survivor who makes me smile instantly.  He is passionate, informed, and somehow finds a way to do this often distressful work with gregarious joy.  If you are ever low on hope or happiness Wyatt O’Brian Evans always seems to have a bit in his overflow you […]

Change Begins with WE! Keeping the WE in WE Survive Abuse

Change Begins with WE! Keeping the WE in WE Survive Abuse

    Change must begin with WE Statistics are very important to social justice work.  BUT, stories are the real tools of change. With stories, one lone voice can change a person’s entire life.Most of my readers know that  Survivor Marilyn Van Debur Atler is one of the first persons to inspire me to speak […]

Part 1: Good Talk: How Society Creates Obstacles to Healing

 So at the age of 13, I walked into a counselor’s office because I was told that I had to.   Well, that is what you have to do when you tell authorities that you have been sexually violated.   I had to get fixed because I guess I was broken.  I could agree with […]

Activism & Self Care: Tonya’s Favorite Things On the Web This Week

Okay, so the heat won this week.Most of you are aware that I have a chronic illness. Many of my readers do. Did it hit you hard too? Wow! Okay on Friday I like to leave off with uplifting things, and I will.But, I will leave you with reading material because it is too hot to do much else.So […]

Are Children Capable of Attracting Rape?

Trigger Warning  So….I happened to watching a show that I enjoy immensely. It was “Greenleaf” on OWN. I love that show!  Actually, I was tweet watching it. You know, where you are watching it on television while enjoying the comments on Twitter. Anyway, there was a scene between a teenage girl and a leader of […]

24 More Phrases People Use to Try to Silence Survivors of Sexual Violence

Peace, Be Still Chile  I now know why my Granny, Grandma Monroe, Aunt, and Mama encouraged me to get quiet when a storm rolled in.   We had to turn off all electricity, even if we were doing homework. We had to get still. I hated it. Until I didn’t.   At some point I came to […]

5 Effective Tips to Help Safe Father Figures Protect Loved Ones from Child Sexual Abuse

Safe father figures can be very effective at helping to prevent the spread the epidemic of child sexual abuse. Here are just five effective tips to help them get started today. Be aware that children can be victims of manipulation tactics.  One common tactic used by child sexual abusers involves pushing away the safe father […]

He Went That Way: The Dirty Truth about Celebrities & Famous People Who Habitually Moralize Off the Backs of the Oppressed

Child’s PlaybookAs a kid, I saw two children playing. A girl, Terry* and her younger brother Damon*. Damon was always getting in trouble for bothering Terry.  Of course, he always said it was Terry. Look, Damon was like Dennis the Menace. It was hard for me to believe anything that he said.  Until I saw what I […]

Are We Going to Leave Child Sexual Abuse Out of the Hip Hop History Books or Nah? by Tonya GJ Prince with Daniel Johnson

 Planet Shock The early 80’s. I was in elementary school. Rap was newish to those of us in central Virginia.  It was launching!  And, our parents hated it.  Back then corporations knew kids didn’t have a dime.  None of that coddling broke kids stuff.  Black radio played a few rap songs during certain times only. We dealt […]

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Welcome the Week With Wisdom: 22 Quotes on Justice

Everyday silence harvests its victims. Silence is a mortal illness. ~Natalia Ginzberg Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~Winston Churchill When I liberate others, I liberate myself. ~Fannie Lou Hamer Law and justice are not always the same. ~Gloria Steinem The […]

Sexual Violence Against Males: No Video, No Witnesses, and It IS Killing Them

So last night I was twitter watching one of my favorite shows. Yep, it is a crime show.     You can read about the story here: What I want to talk about is the reaction on social media. **Emotions High As Former Bloomfield Football Player Sentenced In Fatal Stabbing Myths about Teen Boys and Sexual […]

No Justice, No Piece: To Organizations, Movements, & Activists Who Are Not Yet Intersectional

They say one of the number one reasons that marriages end is because of money.  I understand that.  When I first got married, money was a serious discussion. Right away one of our major differences was the way that we give to charities and causes.  We absolutely did not support the same types of causes.  […]

Why I am So Thankful for the Sacrifices that Black Folks are Making to Fight Sexual Violence

Why I am So Thankful for the Sacrifices that Black Folks are Making to Fight Sexual Violence

It stings.  It burns. It hurts like hell.  You will never forget the pain.  All wounds must be thoroughly cleaned in order to effectively heal. When I was a kid I cut my left knee on a metal sliding board. I remember screaming like somebody sliced my knee off.  The gash was no bigger than […]

The Eye of the Child Sexual Abuse Survivor: A Black Man Takes the Mic

The Eye of the Child Sexual Abuse Survivor: A Black Man Takes the Mic

It is my honor to highlight the words of author Tremayne Moore as he courageously shares his story and offers advice for healing: Hi. My name is Tremayne Moore and yes, I’m a sexual abuse survivor. Most children are raped/abused by someone that they or their family/friends know well.  My uncle came to live with us […]

WE Survive Abuse

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