The Forbidden Truth About Intimate Partner Violence & Abuse Revealed by Wyatt O’Brian Evans

I’d like to introduce to some of you a Survivor who makes me smile instantly.  He is passionate, informed, and somehow finds a way to do this often distressful work with gregarious joy.  If you are ever low on hope or happiness Wyatt O’Brian Evans always seems to have a bit in his overflow you […]

So Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence, What Do YOU Think?

WE like to share resources amongst the community of Survivors.  Surely you have some tools that have gotten you this far.  Please share some of your tools with fellow Survivors by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and adding your comments.  In the coming weeks, we will share the responses online. (Feel free […]

Can Police Have Sex With People They Arrest? In New York, Yes

A little-known loophole in New York law is wreaking havoc on an ongoing rape case in which two police officers claim to have had consensual sex with a woman they’d just arrested. Former New York Police Department detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall picked up an 18-year-old woman on marijuana charges in September 2015. She was… Read more about Can Police Have Sex With People They Arrest? In New York, Yes

Anti-Survivors: You Will Deal, We Will Heal (Part 3)

  Anti Survivors: You Will Deal, We Will Heal (Part 1) Anti-Survivors:  You Will Deal, We Will Heal (Part 2) Part 3 Healing Yes, I initially felt encouraged that people were revealing their truths. People were determined to live in their truths. Like I said, a great swell of healing was entering the atmosphere. People […]

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