BOOK NOOK: Maya Angelou’s ‘The Heart of a Woman’

By CYNTHIA OWUORI fell in love with Maya Angelou when I first heard her recite “Phenomenal Woman”, a poem is celebration of women, and how confidence can make even the plainest of women make men turn heads.She was reciting the poem in a poetry recitation CD compiled by Oprah to celebrate women. Sample a few lines… Read more about BOOK NOOK: Maya Angelou’s ‘The Heart of a Woman’

Listening to Survivors =

Listening to Survivors I make every effort to listen to Survivors. In fact, I’ve been in the practice of listening to other Survivors for over 24 years now. So, when Survivors reached out to me with comments about my other projects I …listened. Though we have many, many, Survivors who like our work on; others […]

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