Module 1: Introduction to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Teen Dating Violence in Alaska

In the first module of the ANDVSA Statewide Primary Prevention Orientation, we will introduce the topic of domestic, sexual, and teen dating violence in Alaska, …

Webinar: Trauma Informed Care

This webinar will discuss the types and levels trauma experienced by many survivors. We will examine how programs and services can assist with providing …


Intimidation is a manipulation tactic designed to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s not your fault and it’s never okay. Know relationship abuse so you can stop …

16 Powerful Bulimia Quotes Will Show You The Truth

For more information about recovering from builimia go to: 16 Powerful Quotes About Bulimia and Eating Disorders Will Show You The …

How to control someone else’s arm with your brain | Greg Gage

Greg Gage is on a mission to make brain science accessible to all. In this fun, kind of creepy demo, the neuroscientist and TED Senior Fellow uses a simple, …

Towards Liberation

Quotes to uplift Survivors of rape, abuse, and domestic violence.

Recorded Webinar: Technology and Survivor Safety: Impacts and Responses


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Recorded Webinar: Technology and Survivor Safety: Impacts and Responses

This webinar will address the many ways technology impacts the safety, privacy, accessibility, and civil rights of survivors. This webinar will provide resources for …

5. Apoyo a Víctimas de Violencia Doméstica

Por qué se quedan las víctimas en relaciones abusivas? ¿Cómo puedo apoyar a una víctima de violencia doméstica?

‘If A Man Was Sexually Abused, Will He Abuse Others?’ | 1in6

‘If A Man Was Sexually Abused, Will He Abuse Others?’ Four men who have experienced sexual abuse discuss. To be a voice in this movement, please like, …

Astral Projection Hypnosis ➤ Float Amongst Stars & Unlock Higher Consciousness | Healing 432Hz Music

Fly amongst the stars, planets and galaxies, through time and space. This astral projection hypnosis / guided meditation is designed to take you on a magical …

He kicked in my front door

In Video 1, I describe the incident when he kicked in my front door. I also describe the subtle abusive things he did during the grooming period. Things I did not …

WE Survive Abuse
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