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The Survivor's Guide to Living Braver: Our Most Effective Tips

The cowardly lion isn’t the only one who wonders what their life would be like if they had more courage. Imagine standing up for your convictions and taking risks to go after the things that are important to you.     There are two major schools of thought about courage. You might act boldly because you are fearless. On the other hand, you might feel anxious, but forge ahead anyway

Survivor Affirmation: I Love Myself Because (video) 1

Self-love is very important to every individual life. As the legendary Whitney Houston once sang, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.  Still, loving oneself can become even more challenging due to toxic social environmental factors like racism, ableism, and other oppressions. Unfortunately, tragic life events like violence and trauma can also erode self-love. If you fail to make self-love a priority in your healing, not only do risk stalling your healing but you


Technology has given us many gifts: Phones that are also cameras. Cars that read our text messages out loud for us. An entire library inside a computer the size of a notebook. Unfortunately, technology has also given those who want to cause us harm an advantage. When abusers become stalkers, their options to keep track of survivors are many. We asked Elaina Roberts, legal director with the Stalking Resource Center, a division

21 Affirmations that Summon Serenity

I don’t know about you, but I crave peace, serenity, and relaxation. Just because there are moments of crisis and chaos in life doesn’t mean that I have to participate by losing my hard fought for inner peace.  Therefore, I always keep tools and resources around to help me return to a state of ease and serenity. Here is one of my tools.  It is a short video of motivating

Ultimate List: 11 Ways the Church Community Can Help Victims of Domestic Violence

No matter what statistics say, no matter what is going on in society, when people in the community have a problem eventually they see a doctor or a faith leader. Sometimes when people are dealing with domestic violence they turn to the church.  But what can the church do? Thankfully, there are many things that the church community can do. 1.  Believe them.  Whatever you are hearing, know that the

World Wide Roundup of This Week's Best Online Content Related to Rape & Abuse

(from Books: General       Battered Wives – Del Martin   But I Love Him: Protecting Your Teen Daughter from Controlling, Abusive Dating Relationships – Jill Murray Chain Chain Change: For Black Women in Abusive Relationships – Evelyn C. White Getting Free: A Handbook for Women in Abusive Relationships – Ginny NiCarthy Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence – Susanna Hope, Alex Roslin I Love a Firefighter: What the Family

Survivor Affirmation:  I LOVE Myself for my Uniqueness

I love myself for my uniqueness.I value myself because I am different. I am exactly as I am meant to be. Only I can make my own unique contributions to the world. When I think about this, I feel pride. Therefore, I choose to use the talents bestowed upon me to make positive changes.There is unspoken beauty in being the only one like me. This is as true in my

Discover 8 Valuable Online Resources for Survivors and Allies

So, WE do Survive abuse.  I can’t even describe in words how challenging it is.  I do know that most of us don’t do this alone. There is no way that you get through this type of hell, with all of its hurdles, obstacles, and twists and turns, all by yourself.  You will always need strong, resilient, and compassionate people to help you on your healing journey. I’m posting 8

Survivor Affirmation:  Change Helps Me Grow

I welcome change with open arms. Adapting to new conditions helps me to grow.I seek out different perspectives and constructive feedback. I talk with friends, family, and mentors about how they coped with similar experiences. I create a network of contacts that provide me with encouragement and support.I take sensible risks. I patiently accept my losses and focus on what I must gain. Overcoming an occasional setback is better than