Liberia: Make Women Count for Peace

October 2010 marks ten years since the passage of UN Security Council resolution 1325, a landmark legal and political framework that acknowledges the …

396 Hz Solfeggio | Cleanse feelings of guilt | Enhancing Joy | 1 Hour PureSolfeggio

396 Hz frequency cleanse the feeling of guilt, which often represents one of the basic obstacle to realization, enables achievement of goals in the most direct …

He wanted to control every aspect of my life!

Everything about my life he tried to control and change. He tried to monitor me 24 hours a day, as if I was a prisoner. Voiced Courage is a compilation of short …

The Cameron Foundation on Philanthropy: The 18th Story

The Cameron Foundation serves one of Virginia’s most economically distressed communities, the City of Petersburg and the surrounding area.

Tibetan Bowls: Solfeggio Frequencies & Gamma Binaural Beat | Rain Sounds | 432Hz Music

Relieving stress with 432Hz tibetan bowls, rain sounds, gamma binuaralbeats and solfeggio frequencies 528Hz, 639Hz and 963Hz. This powerful combination …

2016 Childrens’ Program Video

When you serve women, you must also serve their children. And, with a mission to end violence against women, we give this work our heart and soul. Check out …

How to Intervene to Prevent Sexual Violence in the Workplace

“See the Signs, Speak Out” series on starting conversations in the workplace about domestic and sexual violence. visit …

“Self Care Strategies and Activities for Youth”

Join this webinar to find ways for making self-care a key component of your work with youth.

How to let go of anything – EP 2

NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! SUBSCRIBE NOW! Christine Hassler ( life …

AFFP Addressing fatherhood (Argument).mov


Afraid yet trying to heal him

In this video, I describe why I couldn’t heal him. Even though I was afraid of him I still wanted to help him. I saw him as a victim. This video helps to show insight …

Kalyn Risker, founder, Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE)

Kalyn Risker founder of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE), in Michigan, USA , speaks to Say NO — UNiTE at the 2nd World Conference of …

AFFP Scene of


Primary Prevention Programming

A supplimentary module to the Prevention 101 course provided by ANDVSA. This video gives an overview of statewide prevention programs.

Evonik Corporaton: The 9th Story

Dr. Reinhold Brand, Phil Munson, and the Evonik family understand first-hand the impact of domestic violence. In 2011, a production supervisor was visiting his …

It Takes a Man

We explore the idea that teaching boys and men emotional intelligence is an important means of preventing violence against women.

UNiTE T-Shirt Competition Winners

Producer: UNiTE; Date of Release: 23 November 2011)

Are you being too nice to everyone in your life? – EP 23

NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! SUBSCRIBE NOW! Christine Hassler life coach, author and speaker …

Addressing Barriers to Health and Safety: Juneau School District Equity Tool

Speakers Barbara Cadiente-Nelson, Andi Story and Ted Wilson discuss the Juneau School District’s Equity tool.

WE Survive Abuse
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