I was raped and blamed myself. I’m not ashamed any more – Sheeva Weil | Comment is Free


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Domestic Abuse: He excessively watched me


In Video 5, I describe how he excessively watched me and wanted to control everything I did. I talk about a technique I used to cleverly outsmart him to steal time …

Domestic Violence Part 2 Kmedia Film


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Survivor Affirmation: I Seek Friendships with People from other Cultures

I seek friendships with people whose cultural makeup is different from mine. Our time together is educational because it gives me an opportunity to learn. Our time together is educational because it gives me an opportunity to learn. As a Survivor, I can share lessons, stories, & traditions about healing from my culture with people […]

Episode 2: Stories of Transformation, Inspirational Women with Rosie Hidalgo


Episode 2 of the Inspirational Women mini series, highlighting the life experiences of advocates in the field of gender-equity and social justice. Today’s Story of …

WJZ-TV CBS Every Yard for Yeardley with Lexie Love


Our Every Yard for Yeardley team captain Jessica Kartalija from WJZ-TV CBS Baltimore interviewed Lexie Love on this weekend’s Baltimore Running Festival …

Kilimanjaro Climb – Africa UNiTE to End Violence Against Women


This PSA is dedicated to the Kilimanjaro Climb for Africa UNiTE to End Violence against Women. The Kilimanjaro climb, from 5 to 9 March 2012 was organized …

Survivor Affirmation: I Celebrate Cultural Differences

I celebrate cultural differences. The world around me is like a cultural melting pot. I celebrate cultural differences that make life a rich experience. My workplace is blessed to have employees from different ethnic and social backgrounds. I take the time to learn more about the upbringing of my peers. It is fulfilling to spend […]

March for Black Women _ Love Us on Purpose


The March for Black Women of September 30, 2017 is a march by Black women in all their diversity who will converge with and unapologetically march at the …

Hope After Loss: The 19th Story


Glenda McEachern is here to tell this story because her friend Carrie is not. Join Glenda in remembering her friend. Please donate to The James House during …

PreventIPV Engagement Video Series: Rhode Island’s Ten Men Initiative and Friends of RICADV Program


Another video from the PreventIPV Engagement Video Series provides insight in engaging partners in business. The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic …

Asst. District Attorney’s vs. DV Advocate’s Goals


The Assistant District Attorney’s office seemed more concerned with building a case against my abuser. My Domestic Violence advocate, who worked out of the …

Episode 10: Engaging your audience through social media


This special edition of NRCDV Radio’s Stories of Transformation features two experts in social media and digital marketing. Marisa Corser from the media …

Stalking someone is not romantic!


In this video, I discuss some of the misconceptions around stalking or obsessive behavior. Stalking is a form of domestic abuse and can be quite dangerous.

March for Black Women Because We Can All Be Free


The March for Black Women of September 30, 2017 is a march by Black women in all their diversity who will converge with and unapologetically march at the …

*BONUS EPISODE * The Relationship Inventory – The R Spot


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Tools for Addressing Systemic Barriers to Wellness and Safety in Alaska: An Intersectional Approach


The speakers in this web conference were Melissa Pope Esq. and Pathways Statewide Steering Committee Members. This webconference was originally …

Gwen Moore Debates the GOP Version of VAWA on the House Floor


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84z0Y-ZRug4&w=640&h=360]

Domestic Violence Part 1 Kmedia Film


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_buEi2PrCuU&w=640&h=360]

Domestic Abuse: It all started off so innocent


In this video, I discuss how innocent and normal it seemed in the beginning. Domestic Abuse isn’t always like how it is portrayed in movies. ~ I am a survivor.

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