Asam Malik Poetry on Domestic Violence


How Not To Raise Your Child Quotes For New Parents

Being A New Parent It’s Not An Easy Task. Learn How Not To Raise A Child: Wise Quotes About Parenting. Be The Best Parent, Make An Impact On Your Child’s …

PreventIPV Engagement Video Series: A Wisconsin-based Health System’s Push for Prevention

This video in the PreventIPV Engagement video series engages allies in health and wellness by focusing on a unique partnership between Gunderson Health …

Episode 5: Stories of Transformation, Honoring Our Mothers with Jonathan Yglesias

The second edition of our new Honoring Our Mothers mini series, features Jonathan Yglesias, the Programs & Services Manager at the Virginia Sexual …

Sexual Abuse of Boys & Men | Jeff Dion’s Story Preview | 1in6

Sexual Abuse of Boys & Men | Jeff Dion’s Story Preview | 1in6 Here’s a link to our Kickstarter campaign: …

528 Hz Deep Sleep Music ➤ Delta Binaural Beats | Healing and Regenerate Your Cells | Deep Relaxation

Are you in need of some soothing, relaxing and healing sleep music? Then this blissful lullaby is for you. Can be used by children and adults. The 528 hz tuning …

When I’m an Elder (Minto, Alaska)

Here is our second PSA from Minto, Alaska from our When I’m an Elder campaign. Watch it to see what Alaskan kids want to see when they are Elders.

#TechSafetyTip: Review Location Settings


Guided Meditation Subconscious Programming ➤ STOP Negative Thinking ➤ Solfeggio 528Hz & Theta

Are you a person who overthinks? Do you feel too attached to “problems” and have trouble letting them go? Do your worrying drain your energy and take away …

National Call of Unity 2016: Healing the Heart of the Movement

Tuesday, October 4 3:00-3:45pm Eastern/12:00-12:45pm Pacific On this annual, free 45-minute call, we hope to lift up resiliency and wellness as a …

WJZ-TV Features the One Love Foundation

Baltimore’s WJZ-TV interviews Sharon and Lexie Love and Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN and promotes the One Love Foundation’s DA App.

What A Woman Wants – The R Spot Episode 15


Build Trust with Your Spouse


3. El impacto de la violencia doméstica

Impacto de la violencia doméstica sobre las víctimas y los lugares de trabajo.

Haley: We can’t, and won’t, ever trust Russia


Teen Dating Violence Survivor: The 15th Story

“I wasn’t sure that I was in a bad relationship. I mean, I knew it wasn’t great, but doesn’t everybody fight?” Marcus seemed like a sweet, fun loving teenager but …

New Domestic Violence PSA – “It Rarely Stops” (HD)


Sharon Love Appears on HLN

Sharon Love appeared on HLN with Christi Paul to discuss the tragic death of Alexandra Kogut. She also discussed the work of the One Love Foundation, …

Native Music 528Hz | High Vibrational HEALING ENERGY | Gamma 40Hz Binaural Beat

This is a MAGICAL journey with relaxing native flute melodies, native singing & drums mixed with STUNNING & BEAUTIFUL nature videoes. 528Hz tuned music …

Preventing Relationship Violence Tragedies through Technology

Fox 5 interviews Sharon Love and Dr. Jackie Campbell of Johns Hopkins Nursing school about the One Love MyPlan App.

WE Survive Abuse
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