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Perhaps you recall my post from a few weeks back titled, “What a Difference a Voice Makes”.  I talked about how important it is for Survivors to hear the voices of other Survivors. It is also important that everyone gets an opportunity to hear from the voices of Survivors.  It provides our society with access to knowledge that we wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Knowledge & Information is power. I’d like to introduce readers to someone who I am inspired by. He has a great message to deliver by way of his one-man show.  He needs the assistance of the community to deliver that message. 
 Please read below. Help if you can.  Every little bit helps. 
Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Michael Broussard’s interactive show “Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor” has been widely praised by mental health professionals, fellow survivors, and supporters. 

Dr. Elizabeth Dale Blair said, “As a psychologist who treats survivors of childhood sexual abuse, I would highly recommend this show to anyone who struggles with the emotional aftermath of these traumas.
Clinician Megan L. Doyle of SOAR (Survivors of Abuse in Recovery) called the show a powerful and moving testimonial to the impact of childhood sexual abuse throughout a lifetimeand added, I would love to see the show reach a larger audience to empower and educate a broader community.

You can see more testimonials at:
Michael Broussard’s “Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor”  is a unique mix of storytelling, audience participation and improvisation. Unlike the typical format of placing a talkback segment at the end of the performance, Broussard actually sprinkles these segments throughout the show. 

He tells a little of his story, then invites the audience to have their say, then tells a little more, and so on. He also allows audience feedback to impact the way he tells his story. The shape of the next chapter after each break is influenced by the input from that break.

 Thus, each performance becomes a conversation between performer and audience.  So every audience gets a different and unique show.
After several successful runs in the Philadelphia area, Broussard now wants to take the next step and reach out to his fellow survivors all across the country. He has invested $10,000 of his own money toward the East Coast leg of the tour and is hoping to raise matching funds so he can make more stops along the way.

The more that is raised, the more survivors can be reached with the show’s message of hope and healing, and the more people can be educated about childhood sexual abuse and its impact.

Future plans include a West Coast and Midwest Tour.

And while the show is fairly intense and sometimes dark in nature, it also includes a healthy amount of humor and, ultimately, a very positive, empowering and triumphant message of hope and healing.

Past performances have seen survivors opening up for the first time about their abuse, sharing their personal stories, and receiving powerful support from everyone around them. 

These shows are about creating a safe space where this difficult topic can be discussed and where we can all learn.

For more information—>>>  Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor
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