Anti-Survivors: You Will Deal, We Will Heal (Part 3)

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Anti Survivors: You Will Deal, We Will Heal (Part 1)

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Part 3


Yes, I initially felt encouraged that people were revealing their truths.

People were determined to live in their truths.

Like I said, a great swell of healing was entering the atmosphere.

People were in a healing motion. But as Mama says, “Whenever you are in motion expect resistance.”

Even so, I was taken aback at the number of people who used their platforms to speak against victims of sexual violence.  Where did they even come from?

People who have said nary a phrase about the millions of people who have been subjected to the pain and torture of sexual violence were now speaking boldly like they were some type of experts. Really?

The nerve and audacity is intense!

For generations, Survivors of sexual violence have been silenced by any means available.

Just speaking from the perspective of a black woman, me and all of my ancestors are tired of this.

Black women experience sexual violence in exceedingly high numbers.  In fact, Native American women and Black women have the highest number of reported incidences in this country.

We are tired.

We are tired of people standing against Survivors/victims while standing loud, bold, and wrong with rapists, molesters, violators, and abusers.

We are tired of people living in a state of shock and denial because that only delays justice and accountability.  If you listen to Survivors you wouldn’t be so shocked and stunned.

We are tired of waiting years to never for y’all to wise up.

What Now?

Listen to Survivors!  Listen to Survivors!  Listen to Survivors!

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Post Author: Tonya GJ Prince

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