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Would You Like to Stay Connected?

Last night there was another awards show in Hollywood.  

Don’t we love those?  

Even if we don’t watch them, we just love looking at the fashions.  

That whole Best and Worst list.  The hairstyles.  Jewelry.  Most of us will never buy it, but it is nice to see.

Red carpet shopping.  

Well, last night, an actress won yet another award for her acting talent. She is 25, pretty, and appeals to a large population of young people who buy anything and everything with her name attached. 

 You know Hollywood loves that. 

Unfortunately, as young folks tend to do, she did something not so cool last night. 

I couldn’t find a video that wasn’t biased.

A Lesson for ALL

There is a lesson here for us all. Too many people are in such a hurry or in our own worlds that we make habitual assumptions.  

We must remember to pause.

Someone, anyone, could be using a tech device as their eyes, their ears, their voice. 

These days tech devices allow everyone increased connection with one another.


I know. Why put this post on a site about sexual and domestic violence?  

I know from my service work that one of the major obstacles to victims reaching out for help is our society’s failure to listen to people to communicate in ways that one may not be used to.

Therefore; children, people with disabilities, people who speak English as a second language, people with hearing impairments, and the elderly may not ever report their crime to anyone.  

Yet men, women, and children who happen to be members of the groups that I just mentioned are most vulnerable to sexual and domestic violence.

Back to the lesson

Please remember.  

Just because someone uses a device that nearly everyone uses, doesn’t mean that they are using it in the same way.

If you are in a position where you feel safe, try to allow people to complete what they are saying.  

In all the time that I have talked with people, no one ever sits with you and says, “Start talking, because no one has ever given me enough advice.”  

They all say some form of the words, “Please, listen to me, I don’t feel as if I’ve really been listened to enough. I don’t think that people hear me.”

Watch bugs after the rain.  (I was the weirdest kid)

Watch people on your lunch break. 

Watch an awards show. 

Life teaches us something every day. 

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Would You Like to Stay Connected?

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