June 2017

Survivor Affirmation:  I Am Stronger Than Any Challenge I Face

The challenges I face each day are of little concern to me. I have overcome many challenges in the past. My past record of success makes me very self-confident that any obstacle in my path can be overcome. I am impressed by the many strengths I possess. The most important of these is my ability to persevere regardless of the circumstances. I can last longer than any challenge can persist.

A Critical Racist Mistake Even Non-Racists Make and How to Avoid It

My son learned a valuable lesson in his early teens that millions of adults have yet to learn.  Don’t ever attempt to play tourist guide on a journey that you know little to nothing about. My son was your standard mischievous, fun loving, adorable, brilliant young gifted and black child.   One lesson that he had to learn was not to be rough with girls.  I understood his issue.  He comes