February 2017

Survivor Affirmation:  Change Helps Me Grow

I welcome change with open arms. Adapting to new conditions helps me to grow.I seek out different perspectives and constructive feedback. I talk with friends, family, and mentors about how they coped with similar experiences. I create a network of contacts that provide me with encouragement and support.I take sensible risks. I patiently accept my losses and focus on what I must gain. Overcoming an occasional setback is better than

The Lost Secret of Child Sexual Abuse: I Love a Survivor, My Pain Has a Voice Too

ImagineImagine your loved one was a victim of child sexual violence. You wanted to help.   You wanted to take action.   You wanted family, community, and society to rally around your loved one the way that we do when someone is a victim of other violent crimes.   Maybe support your loved one the way that we do when someone has cancer. But you found none of that.  The