November 2016

Survivor Affirmation: I Am an Advocate On Purpose

  I Am an Advocate On Purpose Community and environmental causes benefit from support of individuals who are willing to assist. I am an advocate for specific causes. I may not be perfect.  Most certainly, I am flawed, yet improving every day.  Still, I have a voice.  And, someone needs this voice right now, today, to speak on their behalf. When I have the chance to have my voice heard,  Text Version Break out the Nail Polish! Take a little nail polish and dab a small dot on your cell phone. This is a reminder to calm down and relax before you answer your phone. Now, when you see that colored dot, pause, take a deep breath, and (optional) smile before you answer your phone or text. ALTERNATE:  Use a permanent marker instead of nail polish. Drink and Be

Survivor Affirmation: Courage Launches Me Above My Fears

Courage launches me above my fears.Fear is a natural and healthy feeling necessary to survive. Instead of buckling in the face of fear, I use it to stir my courage. Fear makes it possible for me to experience a degree of bravery stored inside of me.Courage is the presence of action in the midst of fear. My courage takes me above my fears and into a place where dreams come

Survivor Affirmation: I Am My Own Best Cheerleader

  I Am My Own Best Cheerleader.I root for myself in all situations. I offer myself praise, and appreciate the compliments I give myself. I choose words that motivate me.I offer myself guidance. My advice is specific and practical. At a networking event, I remind myself that I am friendly and knowledgeable.   I focus on smiling and staying updated on the latest industry news. It becomes easier to start