September 2016

8 Phrases of Comfort Parents Can Communicate to Children to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

So every night my mother would come to tuck me in at night.   Every night without fail.  And every night without fail, this would happen. She would come to my bed,  look it over and say, “My goodness Tonya!  With all of these dolls and animals, where do you plan to sleep?” Listen, I would figure that out later.  What was important to me was that, the many dolls and

An Open Secret for Ending the Cycle of Abusive Relationships and Finding the Healthy One

So yesterday I posted about ending the cycle of abusive relationships in a person’s personal life and finding the healthy one.   Well later in the day, I read this post from author Olevia Henderson.  Oh, it blessed my soul. It was also the perfect compliment to the post from yesterday.  She came in through a different entrance and I was so here for that!  I thank her so much

Change Begins with WE! Keeping the WE in WE Survive Abuse

    Change must begin with WE Statistics are very important to social justice work.  BUT, stories are the real tools of change. With stories, one lone voice can change a person’s entire life.Most of my readers know that  Survivor Marilyn Van Debur Atler is one of the first persons to inspire me to speak about the unspeakable.See post:  What a Difference a Voice Makes Every Survivor is unique So,

High Five from WE Survive: Neil Brick & Nancy Kilgore MS Making a Difference

Now last week WE posted the affirmation:  Survivor Affirmation: I Can Make a Difference! Well, WE like to show that Survivors do make a difference. WE make a difference every single day in countless ways. In this post, WE highlight two Survivors who are making a tremendous difference to help other victims/Survivors. Meet: Neil Brick and Nancy Kilgore MS [press release] Neil Brick, Editor of S.M.A.R.T. Newsletter, Celebrates Twenty Years

Survivor Affirmation: I Love Myself Because (video)

  Love Me Hate Me Dear LORD, please Bless us ALL cause this is ME! People think that you should get over being a victim of violence because they think that nothing of value was taken.   Not like a car, large screen t.v., computer or anything valuable like that.  Nothing you can put down on a police report, right? Victims/Survivors are robbed of things that can never be replaced.

Survivor Affirmation: I Can Make a Difference!

  I can make a difference I have the ability to make a difference. I have skills, talents, and I overcame tragedy of the worst kind.   Most importantly, I want to make a difference. That alone makes it highly likely that I can make a difference. I do things to make a difference each day. It is part of who I am. The lives of my family and friends

10 Excellent Memoirs about the Sexual Violence Survivor's Journey

Glad to see that we are in a season of listening to the powerful voices of Survivors.  Excellent!  What is most unfortunate is that there are so many out there.  This week I gathered up a cross section of a few memoirs that I have read about the healing journey.  Each one is truly authentic.  I don’t think that any two are the same.  While it isn’t “good” that they