August 2016

UPDATE: How Good Parents Miss Child Sexual Abuse and 5 Questions to Change That

Update:  I published this during the summer months (2015). It spread across quite a few websites and I got a great deal of positive feedback. However, some parents & caretakers commented indirectly that certain portions of the post were unclear.   I couldn’t let that stand.   The purpose of the post was to inform. If y’all didn’t feel fully informed then I haven’t done my job.   So I

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 1

The Truth About Rape & Distraction That No One is Talking About: Part 1 So to continue, when we talk about rape the conversation always turns to ……how distracting and problematic it is for the rapist.   A large swath of our population takes to social media, and any available microphone to go on and on about ……the burden the rapist must bear.   …how hard it is for he/she

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 2

Read any comment section or social media platform on the topic of Nate Parker and his new film “The Birth of a Nation” and you will find the following phrases: “I find it funny how just when…” “How come none of this came out when….?” “Why all of a sudden….?” “You see the timing of this don’t you…..? “This is mighty inconvenient timing…..” A Crime of Distraction ‘ Nothing new

Survivor Affirmation:  During Difficult Times My Intuition Speaks

I am able to hear my intuition speak during difficult times. During difficult times, I listen to my intuition and follow its advice. My intuition guides me to the answers to my issues.  It provides calm and clear instructions for action.  It is a powerful assistant on my journey to happiness. I know the difference between my intuition’s voice and my mind’s general voice. I can tell them apart and

Purpose of Counseling in Abuse 1. Understand and obtain validation that the abuse was a violation.        2.  Confront and acknowledge the pain and hurt of the abuse. 3.  Increase awareness of your worth, personal value, and confidence, which may have been eroded by the sexual violence. 4.  Overcome feelings of guilt and/or shame. 5.  Recognize how sexual violence is impacting current relationships and make changes. 6.  Deal with

Part 1: Good Talk: How Society Creates Obstacles to Healing

 So at the age of 13, I walked into a counselor’s office because I was told that I had to.   Well, that is what you have to do when you tell authorities that you have been sexually violated. I had to get fixed because I guess I was broken.  I could agree with that.   I wanted to die.  I tried to die.   I would have died had the internet been invented