How Survivors Knew About Bill Cosby before the Rest of the World

You can imagine that being my child means that you hear a whole lot of quotes, stories, lessons and such.  On repeat. So you better believe that when I make an error my son takes the opportunity to call it out. Like that  when someone cut me off in traffic and I let my usual semi-curse […]

How to Get Away with Contributing to the Culture of Silence around Sexual Violence on National Television like ABC 20/20

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE How to Get Away with Contributing to the Culture of Silence around Sexual Violence on National Television like ABC 20/20   Some viewers were shocked and appalled by ABC 20/20’s coverage of the 13 Survivors of convicted rapist Daniel Holztclaw who targeted black women while he worked as an Oklahoma City police […]

Explain Like I’m 5: What victims of domestic violence go through to get justice

I originally posted this on 9/3/15. On 5/16/2016 I aided a victim in DC and unfortunately this is still true.  Why doesn’t she leave?   This question annoys me to no end.   When you talk to someone about domestic violence you come to expect that question.   There are a lot of reasons.   But […]

The Truth About Suicide that No One is Telling You

On suicide awareness days it isn’t always the person suffering that we need to address. Not everyone is compassionate.   Not everyone is compassionate every day. I tell this story because not everyone survives to tell their story.  They are gone now and you don’t know that they reached out for help.  Only, “help” failed them […]

Are We Going to Leave Child Sexual Abuse Out of the Hip Hop History Books or Nah? by Tonya GJ Prince with Daniel Johnson

 Planet Shock The early 80’s. I was in elementary school. Rap was newish to those of us in central Virginia.  It was launching!  And, our parents hated it.  Back then corporations knew kids didn’t have a dime.  None of that coddling broke kids stuff.  Black radio played a few rap songs during certain times only. We dealt […]

Survivor Affirmation: I Love Myself because I am Worthy of Love

I love myself because I am worthy of love. I respect myself and the healing journey that I have taken to bring me to this day.  I am in the process of freeing myself from the shackles of past events. I rid myself of any shame or guilt. Any shame and guilt around what was […]

The Truth about Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence and Boundaries

The Very Idea People used to walk all over my boundaries.  And, I used to allow them to get away with it.  Wise counsel taught me that that was because I didn’t even know what a boundary was. I knew that land had fences and gates, but people?  I had no idea that people had […]

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